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About Wheel Loader

Need to do some heavy-duty earth-moving? Consider renting a wheel loader and get just the right type for your job.

What Is a Wheel Loader?

Wheel loaders are any tractor with a large bucket mounted on the front. It’s used to scoop up materials and either load those materials onto trucks or move the materials from one part of the site to another. Other names for wheel loaders are front end loaders, front loaders, bucket loaders, and scoop loaders.

Uses of Wheel Loaders

There are quite a few things you can use this piece of heavy equipment for. One of the main ones is construction. In construction zones, these loaders are used to remove dirt and move build materials such as bricks around the site. Compact wheel loaders might be used for areas that are rather small. The compact wheel allows it to move easily and is best where a standard wheel loader is too big but a skid steer loader is too small.

Hydrostatic Wheel Loaders

There are many types of wheel loaders. In addition to compact wheel loaders (which are loaders with 80 horsepower or less), there are hydrostatic wheel loaders. These wheel loaders use a hydrostatic drive system that allows for selectable power modes. The modes adjust the max revolutions per minute that the engine can produce. With the hydrostatic drive, the engine’s revolutions per minute do not directly correlate to the travel speed, so that speed is unaffected.

A wheel loader, whether standard-sized or compact, is a versatile tool used for many construction jobs. By renting this piece of heavy equipment, you’re sure to have just the right type for your job.

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