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About Backhoe Loader

A backhoe, or backhoe loader, is a piece of dirt equipment used for excavating or digging. A backhoe is typically mounted on the back of a tractor-like vehicle and consists of digging bucket (or shovel) attached to a two-part articulating arm, known as the boom and dipper stick.

Backhoes are available in various sizes, including standard, compact, and sub-compact. The term “backhoe” refers to the action of the shovel, not its location on the vehicle, as the backhoe digs by drawing earth backward.

Backhoes are frequently used in many applications other than excavation because they can be used in conjunction with some hydraulic power attachments,  such as a tilt rotator, breaker, a grapple or an auger.

Many backhoes also feature quick coupler, or quick-attach, mounting systems for simplified attachment mounting, dramatically increasing the machine’s utilization on the job site. Backhoes are often used together with loaders and bulldozers on the job site.

A backhoe loader is a specific type of earthmoving equipment consisting of a tractor with a shovel-like loader on the front and a bucket-like backhoe on the back. It is a versatile heavy-equipment vehicle with multiple uses

Functions of Backhoe Loaders

The three main parts of a backhoe loader are the tractor, the loader, and the backhoe:

  • The tractor is the vehicle part of the backhoe loader. Rugged tires and a powerful diesel engine allow it to move over all types of terrain. There are basic steering controls located within the cab, which may be open or enclosed.
  • The loader is on the front of the backhoe loader. It features a shovel that can scoop, push, carry, or smooth out dirt.
  • The backhoe is located on the back of the machine. It features a very rugged bucket that can dig up dirt, including hard, compact earth. The bucket is attached to an arm that can extend and bend the bucket to dig, lift, and drop dirt or other materials.

What Are Backhoe Loaders Used For?

Backhoe loaders are primarily used as construction equipment. They help to move dirt as needed to build a new structure or complete renovations.

Backhoe loaders can also be used for landscaping purposes. They can dig holes for ponds and other landscaping features and prep dirt for installing plants, flowers, and trees.

Because of the combination of the loader and backhoe, a backhoe loader is an excellent multipurpose tool for a variety of jobs. Anytime you need to dig and move dirt, consider getting a backhoe loader rental from BigRentz.

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