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Backhoe vs. Excavator: Which Machine Is Best for Your Project?

We go over the main differences between a backhoe and excavator, including their size, versatility, and rotation and which one is more suited for your project.

How to Dig a Pond With a Backhoe

A pond is a picturesque feature that can add value to both residential and commercial sites. The best way to dig a pond is to use an efficient backhoe rental. This equipment will help you dig quickly and accurately, so you can create a stunning pond area with minimal effort. If you include this type of water feature in your landscaping plan, follow these steps to get the project done right.

The Benefits of a Backhoe: Why You Need it on Your Landscaping Job

If asked what equipment was preferred over any other if they had to choose, a contractor will often choose the backhoe.  This one piece of machinery is super versatile and can perform many tasks.