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Boom Lifts

Types of Construction Lifts and Boom Lifts

When you’re managing the diverse needs of a construction worksite, you must choose the appropriate machinery for every task. Consider these 10 types of construction and boom lifts for your next project.

Who All Needs Boom Lift Certification and Training?

Boom lifts have been a popular type of equipment on construction sites for years. The lift’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for many tasks that need to be completed up off the ground. However, workers need specialized training to operate this type of aerial lift. To keep a work site safe, boom lift operators must be certified by a trusted source. Learn more about the training requirements for using a boom lift to help keep your workers safe.

How to Choose the Right Telescopic Boom Lift Height

The right height of telescopic boom lift is essential for the safety and efficiency of your workers. The following are some factors you should consider to choose the best boom lift for your company.

How Boom Lifts Are Used Today

Learn about the history of boom lifts, the different types, and how to decide which type is best for you and your company.

Articulating vs. Telescoping Boom Lifts: What’s the Difference?

When looking to rent a boom lift for your work site, you may be wondering which type works better: an articulating boom lift or a telescoping boom lift. The machine you choose depends on what you’ll need it for and what type of environment you’ll use it in. This guide explains the differences between the two boom lifts so you can decide which one to rent for your next construction job.

Do You Really Want to Buy that Scissor or Boom Lift? Why Renting is a Better Option

The question about whether to buy or rent when it comes to heavy construction equipment has long been debated among industry professionals.  Renting or buying is one of the most important financial decisions that construction companies have to make.

Do I Need to Rent a Boom Lift or a Scissor Lift?

When you need to rent an aerial work platform, knowing your different options will help ensure you choose the correct heavy equipment to get your job done.