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How to Choose the Right Telescopic Boom Lift Height

How to Choose the Right Telescopic Boom Lift Height

Telescopic boom lifts, sometimes known as straight mast boom lifts are a type of aerial work platforms connected to extension arms. They function as telescopes to extend to levels that would be difficult to reach in other ways. They are used by many to create landscaping as well as industrial construction.

However it is true that a boom lift that is telescopic bucket lift doesn’t have the hinges of an articulated bucket lift. Also the boom lift that is telescopic bucket lift can’t reach over or around obstacles however, it’s more stable and stable at higher heights than any other aerial lift. Telescopic bucket lift also works better in windy or rainy conditions and offers plenty of horizontal reach.

An extended reach can make the Telescopic cherry picker a popular option for outdoor projects. The correct height of telescopic bucket lift height is essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your employees. The following are a few things to consider when you pick the most suitable cherry picker for your company.

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Determine the Weight Capacity

Make sure that the Telescopic cherry picker you choose is able to handle the weight required for your job. It may need to carry two or three people and heavy equipment, such as saws, as well as raw materials like drywall or tile.

Also, you should consider the weight of a completely loaded machine. The ground won’t always be able to support heavy equipment and heavy machines can get stuck or cause damage to concrete or asphalt. If you require different capacities of weight for different projects you can rent the right cherry picker for each project. So, you don’t need to pay more for rental or fuel costs than you’ll need to. By renting instead of purchasing you’ll also avoid having to pay for maintenance or the storage of large equipment when you don’t use it.

A bucket lift often has a smaller and lighter body than a bigger bucket truck or boom. Some bucket trucks can reach 320 feet and taller than telescopic boom lifts. However boom lifts are bigger and heavier, making them more stable than bucket trucks or the boom trucks. But, boom lifts may be too large for access to certain work places. Bucket trucks aren’t as agile like boom trucks, as typically have a lower platform and capacity for weight. Check that the boom lift that you choose to telescopic cherry picker you choose has the correct tires to handle the terrain you’ll must traverse as well.

Calculate the Telescopic Boom Lift Height and Range

The term “range” refers to the horizontal area boom lifts with telescopic booms must move. Before you lease this kind of lift, you should measure all the areas that you’ll work.

For a precise measurement, you can use an ultrasonic distance gauge. It is important to ensure you have enough space to rotate the boom lift telescopic cherry picker, go through doors, and avoid obstacles. The most compact models measure 40 feet tall and the most powerful boom lifts telescopic have a height of 180 feet tall. A 40-foot model has the maximum range, or horizontal reach of 34 feet. A 120-foot bucket lift has a range of 75 feet.

Assess the Size of the Platform

It’s not recommended to carry any item on the boom lift that is telescopic. cherry picker that’s larger than its platform, even if the item you own is light. Without examining the dimension of the platform you’ll never know whether the equipment or tools you’re planning to lift will fit safely. Choose an Telescopic bucket lift with a platform that is large enough to accommodate all the equipment you need on it at the same time so that you don’t have to spend time raising and lower the platform in order to switch equipment.

For instance for a Telescopic cherry picker that’s 120 feet tall will have a platform 36 inches wide, which is about eight feet long and three feet wide. Wider platforms typically have lower capacity for weight due to the fact that they’re heavier. The shape of the platform may affect the boom lift’s telescopic central point of gravity. The various heights of the telescopic bucket lift height the different platforms and weight capacities.

Consider the Work Area

Telescopic boom lifts generally operate with dual or diesel fuel. It is not recommended to use the Telescopic cherry picker indoors without plenty of ventilation. The exhaust fumes could cause carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as other health issues. Telescopic booms that are electric are generally the quietest and are ideal for working indoors. However they’re not as powerful as the majority of diesel, gas or propane motors.

Whatever fuel type you choose, ensure the the floor or the ground is able to be able to support the weight of an Telescopic bucket lift. Find the grade rating for the bucket lift that you’re interested in. If you don’t have the correct rating, you might not be in a position to climb or descend hills close to your work site in a safe way.

It is also important to ensure that the Telescopic bucket lift you choose has a solid base, and tires appropriate to the terrain. A lot of telescopic boom lifts come with broad bases for added stability and a four-wheel drive. Additional stabilization is also available in rough terrain, however it will expand the size of the Telescopic cherry picker you choose.

Many boom lifts with telescopic telescoping come equipped with electrical outlets on the platform as well as generators in the base to run a range of equipment. Generators are able to provide AC as well as DC power for a variety of applications. Water and air lines may be connected to an elevated platform for things like pressure washing. If you’re thinking you’ll need to maneuver with a lot of objects or debris, look for a cherry picker with high ground clearance. Some models feature crawlers in place of tires to help navigate through snow or mud.

Review the Safety Components

Selecting the right type of telescopic bucket lift is essential for your security. A lift that’s too large could cause damage to power lines, roofs with low slopes, and other obstacles, however an unsuitable lift will not be able to transport your equipment and workers to the places they’re required. Make sure you’re acquainted with safety regulations and laws. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces United States safety laws including the telescopic cherry picker safety. Only authorized, trained workers are allowed to operate telescopic boom lifts. If an accident occurs or you find new workplace dangers, or choose to use another kind of aerial lift you must refresh your workers.

Before each shift, be certain that the equipment you use is in good operating condition. Check the levels of oil as well as levels of hydraulic fluid, fuel levels as well as the horn, the battery lights, backup alarms as well as brakes, steering emergency and operating controls, protection equipment and all the other major components of your bucket lift.

Also, be aware of dangers in the vicinity of your work site like potholes, power lines or sinkholes. Be sure that the power company in your area is able to cut off power lines in the vicinity of your work site. An electric bucket lift with an insulated platform can also prevent electrical shocks. If you’re using a telescopic bucket lift, keep a body harness or restraining belt connected to the platform to avoid accidents. Handrails or guardrails on the platform could help in preventing accidents as well.

You can operate the majority of boom lifts on the platform and they can hold one person at one time.


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Other Types of Boom Lifts

There are many other kinds of boom lifts are offered in addition and include articulated boom lifts and scissor lifts. These boom lifts can be less than telescopic boom lifts however, they are more flexible. They are best suited for reaching through or over buildings and other obstacles.

Scissor lifts are less long and cost less than boom lifts of other types and they’re not able to be flexed. They are often employed in warehouses to lift heavy items onto high shelves. A scissor lift is ideal when you have to lift something that is higher than a forklift could reach, but it’s not as tall as an articulated or telescopic cherry picker. A lot of boom lifts, like those with telescoping capabilities, have self-leveling capabilities, so that users can start using them within 30 minutes.

Why a Telescopic Boom Lift Rental Is More Economical Than Buying

The biggest Telescopic boom lifts are priced at more than $50,000, and paying this much for equipment that you’ll only use occasionally isn’t practical. You can get excellent advice on which piece of equipment to make use of from BigRentz and renting equipment can make trying out an innovative version of the machine simple. There are a variety of options available including lights mounted on platforms and onboard welding.

Selecting the right bucket lift for a project is a critical decision and the wrong dimension of the Telescopic cherry picker or the wrong kind of bucket lift can cause severe injuries and damages that could cost you a significant amount of money. The incorrect bucket lift could delay your project, cause injury to an employee, or force you to to deal with other issues.

With BigRentz, you can enjoy the flexibility to use the best boom lift rental for every job. Many companies don’t have the budget to buy a custom boom lift every time they start a new project, but they can rent a telescopic boom lift for a lower price. With renting, you also won’t have to worry about transporting, storing, or maintaining large, heavy, and expensive equipment. Call BigRentz at (888) 325-5172 for more information about telescopic boom lifts, forklifts, scissor lifts, and a variety of other useful equipment.

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