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Scissor Lifts

How Does a Scissor Lift Work?

Learn how a scissor lift works with our animated guide that breaks down each part, explains the different types of power sources and more.

5 Types of Scissor Lifts & Their Uses in Construction

Picking the right scissor lift is crucial to meeting your project needs. Here we discuss 5 types of scissor lifts and their applications, sizes, and fuel types.

Essential Scissor Lift Safety Tips

When operating a scissor lift, it’s essential that all users are thoroughly trained to avoid tips and falls. Here are the safety rules and procedures you need to know.

Types of Construction Lifts and Boom Lifts

When you’re managing the diverse needs of a construction worksite, you must choose the appropriate machinery for every task. Consider these 10 types of construction and boom lifts for your next project.

Scissor Lifts: What Counts as ‘Rough Terrain’?

Scissor lifts are the most popular kind of aerial work platforms. Here’s a guide on scissor lifts and what constitutes a rough terrain lift.

Figuring Out What Type of Scissor Lift You Need

Are you in the market for a scissor lift? Renting one of these devices is crucial to many construction builds. Deciding which type of scissor lift to use isn’t easy, though. You need to think about issues like height and lift weight. Many scissor lift components play a part in meeting these criteria. If you choose poorly, your scissor lift might not satisfy your project needs. Here’s a guide to figuring out what type of scissor lift you need.

Do You Really Want to Buy that Scissor or Boom Lift? Why Renting is a Better Option

The question about whether to buy or rent when it comes to heavy construction equipment has long been debated among industry professionals.  Renting or buying is one of the most important financial decisions that construction companies have to make.

Do I Need to Rent a Boom Lift or a Scissor Lift?

When you need to rent an aerial work platform, knowing your different options will help ensure you choose the correct heavy equipment to get your job done.