An Efficient, Hassle-Free Rental Experience for This National Flooring Company

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We spoke with Scott W., the President of a national flooring company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Regarding the company’s partnership with BigRentz, Scott remarked, “You truly are the single source for all our rental needs. The personal, hands-on support you provide is exactly what we look for.”

Previous Rental Process

Prior to discovering BigRentz, Scott’s project management team would make endless phone calls to different suppliers trying to find ones that could provide the right equipment when and where they needed it. Sometimes they would even pass off the task to someone else if they couldn’t find the suppliers after checking around for a while.

Mutual Partnership

Scott found the company’s previous rental process to be inefficient and extremely frustrating, so he searched for an alternative method for procuring and managing equipment rentals. Soon after discovering BigRentz, he was hooked. In just 60 days, Scott moved 100% of his rental business to BigRentz for fulfillment and instructed his team to always try BigRentz first.

Flooring Solutions

Booking Rentals Online

Scott also mentioned the simple functionality of BigRentz’ customer portal as an added value to the hassle-free rental experience. He even cited that 98% of the company’s rentals are booked through his customer portal. “It makes it so easy to order from home, at the office, or at a hotel. It’s so straightforward people of all ages can use it,” he said.

Future Partnership

Regarding the future, Scott commented, “We’ve had a very positive experience so far and look forward to growing together.”

What Does This Mean for Your Company?

If you’re in a similar situation and your company serves customers all over the U.S., then BigRentz can provide you with an efficient rental process, too!

Flooring Solutions

In addition to providing you with all equipment rentals in one phone call, we communicate with you every step of the way through email and text message notifications—so you know when your order is confirmed, when your rental arrives on site, when it’s scheduled to be picked up, and if anything changes about your order. You can also manage your account online by extending or terminating your existing rental orders through our online customer portal. Our Rental Logistics Experts are heavy equipment certified and provide the superior customer service you need so that you can focus your energy on your other priorities.

About BigRentz

BigRentz is the nation’s largest equipment rental network. With over 8,000 locations nationwide, we have what you need when and where you’ll need it—making us your single source for all your rental needs.

BigRentz has been recognized for its success in numerous publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. 5000, OC Business Journal, and OC Register.

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