Hassle-Free Rental Logistics for This National Material-Handling Company

Material Handling Solutions


We spoke with Nina S., the Regional Project Manager of a national material-handling company based out of Canton, Massachusetts. She took time to tell us about her positive experience partnering with BigRentz.

Rental Logistics

Nina is responsible for procuring equipment rentals for 4-8 different locations every month, and she rents only from BigRentz. When asked why, she responded, “You do all the work. I talk to one person and BigRentz communicates with the supplier, coordinates the delivery and pickup, and keeps me updated at every step.”

Prior to moving into her current role, Nina had no experience renting aerial and material handling equipment. She commented, “Thankfully for BigRentz, I don’t need to be so technically knowledgeable about scissor lifts and forklifts, as they provide me with the proper equipment needed to get the job done. All I have to do is call you guys and you handle it all for me. And if there’s an issue and a technician needs to come out, you take care of that, too. You make me look good in front of my customers.”

Material Handling Solutions

Customer Service

Regarding her communication with BigRentz, she mentioned, “It feels like you value me as a priority because you respond quickly to everything. The feedback you provide is great. I get an email back within five minutes and a call back within twenty minutes.”

BigRentz Partnership

The company’s relationship with BigRentz is a true partnership. In 2015, BigRentz sourced equipment for 53 of their projects; that number jumped to 121 in 2016. Last year we procured equipment for 276 of their jobs! BigRentz has enabled the company to take on larger projects with the confidence that we will procure the equipment they need and handle the logistics.

What Does This Mean for Your Company?

If you’re in a similar situation and your company serves customers all over the U.S., then BigRentz can handle your rental logistics, too!

Material Handling Solutions

In addition to providing you with all equipment rentals in one phone call, we communicate with you every step of the way through email and text message notifications—so you know when your order is confirmed, when your rental arrives on site, when it’s scheduled to be picked up, and if anything changes about your order. You can also manage your account online by extending or terminating your existing rental orders through our online customer portal. Our Rental Logistics Experts are heavy equipment certified and provide the superior customer service you need so that you can focus your energy on your other priorities.

About BigRentz

BigRentz is the nation’s largest equipment rental network. With over 8,000 locations nationwide, we have what you need when and where you’ll need it—making us your single source for all your rental needs.

BigRentz has been recognized for its success in numerous publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. 5000, OC Business Journal, and OC Register.

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