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How Our Turnkey Equipment Rental Solution Streamlines the Project Management Process

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For large firms with projects spanning across multiple states or even the whole country, utilizing a full-service equipment rental solution with one point of contact provides numerous benefits. We recently interviewed the Project Managers and Rental Coordinators at a national IT consulting firm to find out what they value about BigRentz and why they have been using us as their #1 supplier for five years.

About the Company

Based out of Wakefield, Massachusetts, the company specializes in staffing services but has a very successful IT consulting arm. As part of their services, they install hardware, cabling, wiring, and other technology in businesses across the country. To support their jobs, they rent over 200 pieces of aerial equipment per year, all of which are sourced through BigRentz.


Project Managers: A Streamlined Process

Management Tasks

Project managers have a lot on their plate. From pricing negotiations and billing to reporting and forecasting, they must see the whole picture. If any details are missed, the responsibility falls on them.

Working with a single-source supplier streamlines these management tasks for the company’s project managers. Lauren C. explained, “Whenever we have a project where we’re going to need a lot of rentals, BigRentz is the first place I reach out to. Needing ten lifts a week for several months per project is a big undertaking. Your team is very pleasant and responsive.”

She continued, “You also have timely invoicing, which is helpful when it comes to forecasting, estimating job costs, etc. Both your accounting department and your customer service department are very attentive when there are issues, and we quickly come to a resolution.”


Next-Day Rentals

Another significant responsibility is securing equipment rentals for next-day projects. Eric R. explained, “All I ever use is BigRentz. You’re able to get aerial lifts to our different customer sites across the US delivered the next day, thanks to your business model. The fact that BigRentz has a bunch of partner vendors provides the ability to reach different locations.”

He continued, “The BigRentz team delivers to the best of their ability and supports the way we deliver services to our customers. You’re flexible when it comes to our needs. Our schedules change and our customers’ demands change—but we go to you to get the job done, whether we need the lifts tomorrow or in two weeks.”


Rental Coordinators: A Simplified Process

Customer Support

BigRentz also simplifies the rental process for coordinators who handle the day-to-day procurement and order details, because they have only one point of contact to interface with. By communicating with our internal team, the Rental Coordinators have been able to save a lot of time and effort.

“The BigRentz team puts the same urgency on our project orders as we do,” said David G. “Working with you gives us the flexibility to get equipment on site quickly. The chances of us not having something available on short notice are minimized greatly, and we don’t have to scramble nearly as much as we used to. It gives me peace of mind because I know it’s going to get taken care of.”


EasyRentz Customer Portal

BigRentz offers an EasyRentz customer portal customized to every customer. The team saves a lot of time by placing new orders, managing existing rentals, and reviewing order history all online through their portal.

David commented, “I don’t have to dig through emails or do a lot of follow up to find out where I’m at with my rentals. I can check the status at my own convenience and don’t have to contact anybody.”

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