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How This National Storage Company Experiences Unmatched Quality

Storage unit with a lock on it in a long hallway filled with other storage units


We spoke with Sandra D. from a national storage company, regarding their partnership with BigRentz. Sandra originally found us by doing a basic Google search, but she quickly built a relationship with the BigRentz team. Sandra highlighted her main reasons for sourcing all of the company’s equipment through us for the past several years:

Convenience and Customer Service

“I love BigRentz because of the customer service. It’s very convenient to work with you. With one click, I order what I need when I need it – it’s so easy! As soon as I send my order, I’m all set up. I have peace of mind and don’t need to worry if the equipment will come. With other companies, I used to have to remind them to pick up the equipment, or else they would leave it there and charge me extra for it. Not with BigRentz. Convenience is most important for me, and renting with BigRentz is super simple. I save so much time.”

Spanish-Speaking Agents

“It’s very helpful that the BigRentz agents speak Spanish. In this industry, there are a lot of Spanish speakers, and I can communicate what I need quickly and easily.”

Nationwide Coverage and Availability

“We are a nationwide company, so that is what I look for in a supplier. Because you’re nationwide, BigRentz usually has equipment available, even for next day or same-day orders. I like that I don’t have to wait for an answer to find out if the equipment is available. I’m paying for quality – I can trust BigRentz is always going to help me and have equipment that I need.”

Since first partnering with BigRentz in May 2015:

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