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White-Glove Service for This International Telecommunication Provider

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About the Company:

A global leader in delivering information and communications technology solutions, the company has customers in over 180 countries. Their comprehensive industry solutions ranging from cloud services and mobile broadband to network design and optimization. Their services, software, and infrastructure – especially in mobility, broadband, and the cloud – are enabling the communications industry and other sectors to do better business, increase efficiency, improve user experience, and capture new opportunities.


Traditional Rental Process:

The company’s team utilizes over 200 suppliers throughout the country. Their subcontractors are responsible for procuring the equipment rentals with these suppliers and then billing the company accordingly. This approach is problematic for two reasons. First, the company has little to no visibility with this process in regards to equipment data, specific pricing, and market rental costs of equipment. Additionally, the accounting department has to deal with countless different vendor codes, purchase orders, payment due dates, and sets of terms, which has proven to be a daunting and inefficient process.


Partnering with BigRentz:

In 2017, the company spent over $10 million on equipment rentals. 2018 was a year of considerable growth for the company, and they expected their site numbers to double going into 2019. In turn, the demand for supporting equipment has increased as well. Considering the issues with the company’s 2017 process, as well as their significant expected growth, they have corporately decided to regain control over equipment rental procurement and utilize BigRentz as one of their preferred vendors.

Partnering with BigRentz is valuable to the company for a number of reasons. Working directly with the equipment rental network like BigRentz enables them to have greater transparency into the actual pricing for different pieces of equipment and therefore better forecast and control their costs. Over time, this will produce enhanced data and benchmarking. Also, working with a vendor who can handle a high volume of rental orders all over the nation means simplified procurement and accounting processes, as well as increased efficiency on multiple fronts.


Since first partnering with BigRentz in August 2017:


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