Construction Equipment Rental in Birmingham, AL

About Construction Projects in Birmingham, AL

With its population of 212,237 people, Birmingham, Alabama, is a thriving location. Since many people are choosing to live in Birmingham, builders eagerly want to start new projects. Before you start building in Birmingham, find out what you need to know about permits, insurance needs, and local laws.

OSHA Rules

To build in Birmingham, you’ll likely need to use some heavy machinery such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, manlifts, and forklifts, but using lift equipment isn’t easy. The federal government wants workers to have licenses and certifications to use aerial lifts and material handling equipment. Otherwise, inexperienced people would try to use dangerous lifts, adding risk to the user and others nearby.

OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) handles many worker safety laws. One section of these rules, 1926.453, refers to the rules about scissor lifts. An amateur, trying to use a scissor lift, couldn’t possibly follow these rules or use the device correctly. You should hire professionals to handle all lift equipment.

A business must follow all OSHA laws, too. You need to pay attention to the ones involving lift equipment so that you don’t get fined.

Building Permits and Licenses

To start many types of building projects in Alabama, you’ll need a permit. New construction projects and some remodeling jobs fall under these rules. All of them include fees for the application, but you’ll also have to pay for permits when needed.

For residential construction, you’ll need permits for electrical work, swimming pools, detached garages, and demolition. Fees for the permit will depend on the expected value of the project. Even home renovations require approval from the city, which is reason enough to hire professionals instead.

Once you’ve finished with the work, you’ll have to pay for an inspection. Again, fees vary depending on the project. An inspector will come to the building site and look at your work. The inspector will either approve the project or offer you feedback in areas where you need to improve. You only have to pay the inspection fee once unless your building project has serious issues. For more information on Permits and Licenses, visit the Birmingham City Website.

Liability Insurance

Your business will need insurance. Any construction that involves large machines comes with some risk. You need to protect your workers and your business from harm.

Of course, the biggest risk with lifts is the danger of falling. A worker could lose balance and fall to the ground. Broken bones are the least serious injuries that might happen in such cases. You’ll need coverage to make sure that you can pay for any liability.

Many companies offer liability coverage for lift equipment. Depending on the level and type of coverage, your costs will vary. Ask your insurer how much you’ll pay for this type of coverage. The odds are that you’ll save money over time while also ensuring a safe workplace.

Buildings in Birmingham are like those of many other cities. You can grow along with Birmingham, just as long as you follow the rules. Get the right permits, follow the rules, and purchase insurance coverage. Even better, hire a licensed contractor to do the work. Save yourself the stress and high costs of making sure you have the right licenses and credentials.

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