Construction Equipment Rental in Madison, AL

About Construction Projects in Madison, AL

Situated right next to Huntsville, Madison has a modest population of around 40,000 people. While this town is fairly small, it still has many opportunities for construction projects. You need to have the proper permits, licenses, inspections, and insurance before you start. It is important not to leave anything out when you begin your project.

Building Permits

Permits are an important part of the construction process. You have to get all the required permits before you can start. The Building Department takes care of a few parts of the process for you. For example, they take care of the following:

  • Permit processing for all types of construction
  • Commercial and residential construction plan review
  • Issuance of building and other trade permits
  • Inspects new commercial and residential construction such as alterations, additions, new detached structures, and swimming pools
  • Evaluating existing structures
  • Investigating complaints
  • Educating the public

To get your permit, you have to go on to the City of Madison Permit Portal. You have to activate your account and include your business license number and the start date of your business when you set up your account.

Building Inspections

After you have received your permit, you need to get an inspection. You can schedule an inspection online at the permit portal. You can also request via email or by calling (256) 772-5644. Leave your building permit number, construction address, contact name, phone number, and any special requests.

Contractor License

One other requirement for doing construction in the State of Alabama is a contractor license. You need a general contractor license if you plan on doing any contracting work in the state. You can get your application on the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors website. There are two different types of licenses; prime contractor licenses and subcontractor licenses. Prime contractor licenses have more requirements than subcontractors.

The fees for subcontractors are $150, and for prime contractors, it is $300. Prime contractors must pass a business and law exam while subcontractors do not. Make sure you apply for the license that best suits you.

Contractor Liability Insurance

If you are a contractor in Madison, it is a good idea for you to have some insurance. Contractor liability insurance protects you from any damage that is caused by your company. You do not want to be personally liable for any accidents. Contact a local insurance agency to find a plan that is best for you.

Construction Equipment in Madison, Alabama

Contractors often need special equipment to finish the job. Some common types of equipment are earthmoving such as dozers, backhoes, and skid steers. If you need to get high in the air, boom lifts and scissor lifts are popular too. Whatever you need, BigRentz can help. Contact us today for any construction equipment rental.

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