Construction Equipment Rental in Montgomery, AL

About Construction Projects in Montgomery, AL

Montgomery is the capital of Alabama and was formed by merging two towns back in 1819. It didn’t become the capital, though, until 1846. If you’re planning a construction job in Montgomery, here’s some background on permits, licenses, and insurance.

General Contractor Licenses

To work as a general contractor in Alabama, you need to work with the Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors to get your license. Part of the application process includes passing an exam. This exam covers a business and project management side of it and a skills test for your trade. Psychological Services administers the exam. You can find out more information about the test through their website.

If you’ve had a license for three consecutive years with Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Arkansas, you may meet the requirements of the trade portion of the test. Include experience and references from three general contractors, architects, or engineers that you’ve worked for.

While you’re on the board’s website, check to see when you will need to renew your license. The month that you renew depends on the first letter of your business’s name. The board requires you to renew your license within a year of your expiration date, or you’ll need to retake the licensing exam.

Building Permits

You can get an application for building permits through the Montgomery city (not county) website. There’s a link on the Building Inspections web page. There are separate applications for electrical, plumbing, gas, and mechanical. Click on the inspections page for each to find a link to the permit application.


Once you’re issued a permit, you need to have your work inspected throughout the construction process. The Inspections department will let you know at what point in the process you should schedule them. Call the Inspections office for more information. It’s open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. They can answer any questions you have regarding scheduling an inspection or getting the results of an inspection.

General Liability Insurance for Contractors

When you turn in your application to get a general contractor license, you’ll need to provide proof of liability insurance. You must list the board as a certificate holder for your insurance coverage. Meet with your insurance agent to find out whether there is a minimum amount of coverage that Alabama requires to get your license and keep it active.

Getting the Right Equipment

If you’re new to Alabama, you might find that you need construction equipment that you didn’t need in the area you came from. If you’re in the middle of a job and realize that you need aerial equipment that you don’t own, don’t sweat it. You can rent anything from boom lifts and manlifts to scissor lifts and forklifts. Some equipment can arrive at your worksite in just 24 hours. Both short-term and long-term rentals are available.

Alabama has a lot going for it. You can find a lot of success in Montgomery and throughout the state.

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