Construction Equipment Rental in Glendale, AZ

About Construction Projects in Glendale, AZ

Building, installing, and demolishing are all rewarding jobs, but not just anyone can do them. To do most types of construction jobs in Glendale, Arizona, you need the right paperwork and equipment. Find out which permits and licenses you need and check the most critical equipment off your list.

Building Permits

The City of Glendale requires contractors to get building permits before starting projects. Permits are important parts of the process because they keep people safe and ensure that everything is up to code.

Leave plenty of time for the city to review your building plans before you break ground. Remember to keep your permit active at all times. File an extension if the expiration date is approaching, but you need more time to complete the job. If you let it expire, you’ll have to pay an additional fee and submit new plans, which can add a lot of time to your project.

Building Inspections

All permitted projects require inspections during the building process. You can call for a same-day inspection by 4 a.m., or you can call in advance to make sure you get on the calendar. You must have an approved inspection within 180 days of getting your permit. After approval, you’ll get a green tag to confirm.

Some projects require special inspections, which can add time and cost. Some masonry, steel construction, and high-strength concrete need special inspections.

Contractor Licenses

To work as a contractor in Glendale, you need a license. Apply through the Arizona Registrar of Contractors before registering your business in Glendale. In Arizona, you need a residential or commercial license for the following contracting work:

  • Building or repairing structures
  • Tearing down buildings
  • Constructing building additions
  • Erecting scaffoldings structures
  • Performing mechanical and HVAC work

Contractor Coverage

Even when you’re careful, accidents can happen. That’s why you need insurance to cover both people and property in case of damage. In Arizona, you don’t have to have a certain amount of insurance. However, you should have a general liability insurance policy between $500,000 and $1 million to cover your bases.

In Arizona, the Registrar of Contractors requires you to have surety bonds, too. Bonds provide extra coverage in case of a default. They can’t have termination dates. When you do a general residential job in Glendale, you have to have a bond of at least $9,000. For a specialty residential job, you need at least a $4,250 bond. For a commercial job, you need at least a $2,500 bond.

Construction Equipment Rental in Glendale, Arizona

Construction equipment can get expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can skip the essentials. For both residential and commercial jobs, you need extra height. Rather than buying new equipment, consider renting to cut costs and overhead. Scissor lifts, boom lifts, man lifts, and forklifts are easy and affordable to rent, no matter where you’re working in Glendale.

Don’t leave any of these items off your pre-job checklist. From permits to inspections to equipment, you need these basics to do construction jobs in Glendale.

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