Construction Equipment Rental in Mesa, AZ

About Construction Projects in Mesa, AZ

Every city has a list of documents that contractors must have when working on construction projects. The paperwork includes permits, inspections, licenses, and insurance. HVAC techs, electricians, and general contractors must have these papers. You need to know when and where to get these important papers. Keep reading to find out these answers.

Building Permits

The City of Mesa has rules for construction projects. Permits list these rules, and they make sure that all construction projects keep property and people safe. You need a building permit for almost any type of home improvement project.

Examples of these projects include:

  • Replacing plumbing work
  • Enlarging a floor plan
  • Adding a pool

You can get a permit from the Construction Office. The office accepts electronic submissions. You must upload drawing plans and application to the website. The City of Mesa only accepts PDF files.

After you get approved, the office sends an email notification. You must pay the permit fee and then download the permit. Fees depend on the type and size of your project. You have 180 days to work on your construction project until the permit expires.

Building Inspections

While working on your construction project, you need to schedule many inspections. These inspections make sure that you have followed the rules listed on the permit.

The Building Safety Director does all inspections. It usually takes the City of Mesa up to five days to issue the inspection. Just like permit fees, inspection fees depend on the size and type of project. You cannot end your construction project without the last inspection. You will get a Certificate of Occupancy once you pass.

Contractor Licenses

If you plan to work on any project in Mesa that costs more than $75, you need a license. The license makes sure only trained professionals work on the projects.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors gives licenses. It gives separate licenses for commercial and residential work. It also has licenses for trade professions. You have to pass an exam before you can apply for the license. You must renew your license every two years.

Contractor Liability Coverage

To work in Mesa, contractors need proof of insurance or bonds. These insurance policies cover you and the property if there’s an accident. Bond amounts depend on the value and type of the construction project. These bond amounts can get costly, so make sure you shop around for prices.

You also need workers’ compensation coverage if you have employees. If you have employees who use a car or truck for business, you also need to carry minimal automobile insurance.

Construction Equipment Rental in Mesa, Arizona

All contractors need the right equipment to get the job done. You might need to rent gear if you don’t already own it. To reach high spots, rent the following aerial equipment:

Don’t start a construction project in Mesa without the right documents. You need insurance, licenses, permits, and inspections. Get these papers together right away, so you’re not scrambling later. It will save you in time and money, both of which are important in the construction industry.

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