Construction Equipment Rental in Phoenix, AZ

About Construction Projects in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona, is the fifth largest city in the United States, and it is growing fast. The Southwest has boomed since the end of World War II when air conditioning made the desert environment more livable. Phoenix soon became a hub for education and technology.

Get to know the laws and codes of Phoenix before starting your building project.

Building Permits

Start online at the Building Code section at You can also visit in person at the city’s municipal services building at 200 W. Washington St. or call 602-262-6011. Below are the steps you’ll follow for building permits:

  • You submit your building plans.
  • The City will review your plans.
  • After its review, the City will give you a permit.
  • Construction begins.
  • The City inspects your project.
  • You receive a Certificate of Occupancy.

Find templates and guidelines for all applications and building plans at Having a professional prepare your plans speeds up the approval process. It also results in more organized work for you.

Necessary Building Licenses

If you are doing a job in Arizona with costs greater than $750, you need a construction license. You must have separate licenses for residential and commercial work. Apply online with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors or in person at the Phoenix office.

You will need to pass a business management test within a year of application. When you get your license, it will last for two years. Arizona will accept licenses from contractors in California, Nevada, and Utah. Contractors from these states do not have to take this test.

Liability Coverage

Arizona is a comparative fault state. In other words, you do not need to have commercial liability insurance. However, you should not do work without the proper coverage. Make sure you have at least $500,000 of coverage in the following areas:

  • Personal injury covers libel, slander, invasion of privacy, and other harm to character or reputation.
  • Bodily injury covers physical damage to people.
  • Property damage covers materials and property.
  • Legal defense and judgments protect your business and assets in case of a legal dispute.
  • Advertising injury covers the effects of your marketing and promotions.

Without the proper liability coverage, your business and personal assets can be impacted.

Best Equipment to Use

The right equipment can keep your employees safe. Many jobs involve reaching high places off the ground. You will likely need to rent lift equipment for your job site. You may need a manlift, forklift, scissor lift, or boom lift to get your workers and their tools to high places on a work site.

Special Points About Historic Phoenix

In 2008, Phoenix launched the Adaptive Reuse Program to fit older buildings to new businesses. Many cities across the country have borrowed this idea from Phoenix. The program keeps historic structures and energizes them for future commerce. As a result, you can experience a business growth opportunity if you deal with historic buildings.

The program includes development guidance, streamlined processes, reduced time frames, and fee incentives. Begin by reading the Adaptive Reuse Program Brochure at

Phoenix is a gem of an opportunity. You can build a career here particularly if you understand historic renovations. But research the correct codes and licenses before your work begins.

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