Construction Equipment Rental in Yuma, AZ

About Construction Projects in Yuma, AZ

With a population of over 90,000 people, Yuma is a hub for retirees who make their way over in the wintertime. With all of these people coming into the city every year, Yuma is a good place to build. Just like other cities, however, you have to follow all of the rules and regulations set out by the city and the state. There are a few permits, licenses, inspections, and insurance that you will need to get before your project is done. Take a look below to get you started on your successful build in Yuma.

Building Permits

You need a building permit for a few things in the City of Yuma. Any new construction, remodeling, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing will need a permit. To get your permit, there are a few things that you have to submit. You need to submit a permit application with your detailed construction plans to the City of Yuma Department of Community Development. They will review your application and then either issue or deny your permit.

The review time of your application can vary based on the type of project and permit you are applying for. Residential projects typically take 5 work days to review while commercial projects typically take 15 days. You have to pay the permit fee with your application. The fees vary based on the size of the project and a fee schedule can be found on the cities website.

Building Inspection

After you get your required permit, there are a few inspections you need to have during the construction process. Each step has to be inspected before you can move on to the next step. To schedule an inspection, call (928) 373-5170. If you call before 3:00 pm, you will get your inspection the next business day. After the construction is done and all the inspections have been completed, the building official will issue you a Certificate of Occupancy.

Contractor Licenses

You need a license to be a contractor in Arizona. This applies to Yuma as well. There are a few steps in applying for a contractor license including the following:

  • Pass the required exams by at least 70%
  • Register your legal entity at the Arizona Corporation Commission
  • Obtain an Employer ID Number from the IRS
  • Obtain a license bond
  • Get Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Complete the registration forms
  • Pay the required fees

Construction Equipment in Yuma, Arizona

There are opportunities for many different types of projects in Yuma. Each different project might require a different piece of construction equipment. This makes renting a more viable option than purchasing in most cases. Take a look at our selection here at BigRentz. We offer the most a wide selection of the newest construction equipment. Let us help you finish your project!


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