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About Construction Projects in Little Rock, AR

To work on construction projects in Little Rock, Arkansas, you need a few important documents. These items include permits, insurance, licenses, and inspections. You must have these documents regardless if you’re a general contractor, HVAC tech, or electrician. Find out when and where to get the permits and licenses you need for your projects.

Building Permits

The City of Little Rock has a list of rules you must follow when working on construction projects. These regulations keep people and properties safe.

You need a building permit for any home improvement project that costs more than $500. Permit fees depend on the project’s value. You also need permits for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC system work.

You can get permits at the Building Codes Division. Permits for projects less than $500,000 expire one year after you get them. For projects worth more than $500,000, permits will last for two years. You can ask for a 90-day extension on either type of permit and pay $31. If you don’t have a permit and the City of Little Rock finds out you don’t have one, the fees triple.

Building Inspections

During a construction project, you need several building inspections. These inspections happen for the following areas:

  • Building: for footing and framing
  • Electrical: for pipe-in wall and rough work
  • Plumbing: for slab and rough work
  • Mechanical: for ductwork and rough work

Each type of inspection also has a final one. You need the last inspection before you end your construction job. If you need a reinspection, the fee is $41.

Necessary Contractor Licenses

The City of Little Rock wants only trained professionals to work on construction projects. That’s why only licensed contractors can bid on projects worth more than $2,000.

The Contractors Licensing Board issues licenses. On the application, you must detail the following:

  • Financial statements
  • Professional references
  • Statement describing work experience

Before you get your license, you need to pass the Arkansas Business and Law test. You must also renew your license each year.

You will likewise need a City Contractor’s License to work in Little Rock. Get this license at the City of Little Rock Collector’s Office. If you have a trade license, you also need to give the office¬†a copy of it.

Liability Coverage

To protect yourself and the property if an accident occurs, you must also carry general liability coverage or bonds. To get a building permit, you need to give a surety bond for $10,000.

If you employ three or more people, you need workers’ compensation coverage. You also must get commercial automobile coverage if you use a vehicle for work purposes.

Best Equipment to Use

Every contractor needs the right equipment to get the job done. If you do not own the gear, you may need to rent it. The types of aerial equipment you can rent include the following:

Don’t start a construction project in the City of Little Rock without having the right paperwork. You must have permits, inspections, licenses, and insurance. Having these documents ready before you start work can help you focus on providing the best results for your clients.

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