Construction Equipment Rental in Anaheim, CA

About Construction Projects in Anaheim, CA

Sunny Anaheim is the ideal spot for your next building project. However, the California city’s many regulations make seeking out the right paperwork essential.

Building Permits

The City of Anaheim calls for building permits for all new construction projects. This includes new family homes, multi-unit residential buildings, and commercial premises. New signs, fences, and other extras also need building permits.

The City of Anaheim’s Building Division offers three types of permits:

  • Building permit: covers construction for residential and commercial projects. This includes all building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing jobs.
  • Swimming pool and spa permit: for the construction, alteration, repair, or demolition of a pool or spa.
  • Sign permit: for erecting new signs.

Building permit forms are available on the Forms and Applications page of the City of Anaheim’s website. Completed forms, along with the applicable license fees, can be mailed to the City of Anaheim’s Building Division.

If you don’t know if you need a building permit for your project, call the City of Anaheim’s Building Division at 714-765-5153.

After your building permits are finalized, you need to look into making sure you have the right equipment for the job at hand. Renting your forklifts, man lifts, scissor lifts, and boom lifts are most likely your best option.

Liability Coverage

As a building firm in Anaheim, you must tell your customers if you have general liability insurance. All reputable building companies will have coverage to protect against damage to third parties and their property that may happen during the construction project. If the insured party is liable, the insurance firm will pay damages up to the policy’s limit. Building contractors with liability coverage must give their customers their insurance company’s details.

Building companies should also take out a course of construction insurance. This is sometimes called builder’s risk insurance. This type of coverage, which protects against physical property damage, helps fill the gaps in general liability insurance. Anaheim lenders won’t finance construction jobs without this kind of policy.

Some people say customers should get a course of construction insurance, not their builders. But if a customer owns the policy, then your building company receives no protection. The insurance company only cares about protecting the policy owner and their interests.

Building Licenses

All firms based in the City of Anaheim need an Anaheim Business License. So do all companies doing business in Anaheim.

Also, construction companies need building licenses issued by the Contractors State License Board. This official body protects Californian consumers by licensing and overseeing the state’s building industry. Look for building companies with a Class B (General Building) license. All applicants must take and pass exams in law and business and trade to get a building license.

You can search building license numbers on the Contractors State License Board website. Your search will show whether a construction company’s license is current and if any complaints have been made against it.

Anaheim has tight regulations on its construction industry that must be followed, so don’t try to do it alone. Trust the city to know the proper procedures, licenses, and insurance needed to make your building project a success.

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