Construction Equipment Rental in Escondido, CA

About Construction Projects in Escondido, CA

Escondido is a city near San Diego on the south end of California. Contractors wanting to work in the city limits have to follow city and state rules. One of the rules requires a permit for all new construction work. You might also need a permit for a significant expansion or upgrade to a house or office building.

Building Permits in Escondido, California

You can get a building permit application on the City of Escondido website. People who review applications and give permits work in the Building Division. Their job is to protect the property and people in the area by making sure that all buildings meet applicable codes. When you turn in an application for a permit, it will go through a review for safety. The Building Division employees also look at city zoning. The area zoning shows if the jobsite can have a house, office, or commercial space built on it. If you don’t get a permit, you could face a fine from the city.

You can also check the status of your permit application on the City of Escondido website. The base fee to get a permit is $30. Different add-ons to your job will increase the fee. For example, a gas system adds $10 for the first outlet. You would also pay $1 for each outlet after the first one as part of your permit fee. The city has a worksheet with all fees so you can figure out the total for your job.

Building Inspections in Escondido, California

Before you schedule an inspection, look at the pre-building check-off sheet. This checklist can help make sure your plan meets local building rules. You can schedule an inspection during business hours by calling the scheduling line. Some parts of the job need inspections before they are finished. These include gas, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems. After your final inspection, the building owner can move in.

Certain jobs need special inspections, such as:

  • Field welding
  • Structural masonry
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Epoxy anchors
  • Sprayed-on fireproofing
  • Concrete over 2500 PSI

Contractor Licenses in Escondido, California

If you plan to work in Escondido, you need a contractor license. You can get this license from the Contractors State License Board of California. Getting a license includes taking one trade test and one in law and business. Limited Specialty contractors don’t have to take the trade test. The Contractors State License Board has 44 different categories for contractor licenses.

Contractor Liability Coverage in Escondido, California

Contractors doing work in Escondido need insurance to cover their employees. The insurance also protects the property. They also need to have protection on any cars or trucks used on the job. All contractors have to show proof of at least $1,000,000 in liability coverage to get a permit.

Construction Rental Equipment in Escondido, California

Owning all the needed equipment for a job can get expensive. If you want to save money, look into equipment rental options in Escondido. You can find aerial equipment for rent, like manlifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, and forklifts.

Preparing in advance before starting a new building project will save your company time and money. Make sure you have all the necessary licenses, permits, insurance coverage, and equipment in place before you begin.

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