Construction Equipment Rental in Fremont, CA

About Construction Projects in Fremont, CA

Like other Bay Area cities, Fremont has recently had a construction boom. It shows no signs of slowing down, so there are plenty of prospects for local builders in the know. Make sure you have the right permits before building in Fremont.

Building Permits

You need a building permit to build in the City of Fremont. Permits help the city keep track of its construction industry. The city wants to know that all of its buildings are safe and work properly.

Apply for your building permit at the Development Services Center at 39550 Liberty Street. Download a permit application from the City of Fremont website. Complete the application ahead of time. That will make the process easier.

You must show you have a valid contractor’s license and workers’ compensation to get your permit. You also have to have an itemized list of all project fixtures.

Building Inspections

A city inspector will inspect your building site. This is to make sure your work meets your permit’s guidelines and the California Building Code. All inspectors carry identification. Ask to see these credentials.

Contractor Licenses

If you own a construction business or work as a solo builder, you’ll need a contractor’s license. If you work for a construction firm, you don’t need a license.

California’s Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board issues contractor’s licenses. Make sure you have the right license for the kind of work you want to do.

You’ll need to pass the contractor’s license exam, then the Asbestos Open Book Exam. Once you’ve passed both exams, mail the following to the Contractors State License Board in Sacramento:

  • The verification form stating you’ve passed the asbestos exam
  • Bond verification
  • Declaration you have workers’ compensation coverage, or you’re exempt
  • License fee

Licenses expire every two years. The department will send you a reminder notice when it’s time to renew.

If you’re licensed in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, you may qualify for a Californian contractor’s license under the state’s reciprocity agreement.

Whether you’re looking to hire a contractor or are one yourself, having the right papers is the only legal way to build.

Contractor Liability Coverage

You should have liability coverage to protect against damage to third parties and their property that might occur during building. Share your insurance firm’s details with all clients. As extra protection, you may also take out construction insurance. This helps fill the gaps in liability coverage. Fremont lenders won’t finance building projects without this coverage.

Construction Equipment Rental in Fremont, California

Many plots of land in Fremont are on a slope. This presents challenges for local builders.

Use a boom lift with a longer reach for sloping blocks. Manlifts and scissor lifts built for rough terrain have an easier time on sloping plots than standard models. Forklifts can handle slopes as long as the ground is firm. Take care to move them the right way to make sure they don’t lose their loads.

If the slope of your Fremont block becomes too much, you could also rent equipment to level the land out.

Research the right permits, licenses, and equipment to make sure your building projects in Fremont run smoothly.

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