Construction Equipment Rental in Fullerton, CA

About Construction Projects in Fullerton, CA

Located in Orange County, California, Fullerton is right next to Anaheim. As with other cities in the state, there are certain requirements you need to meet to build in Fullerton. Here are some to keep in mind:  

Building Permits

You’ll need a building permit to make changes to a property if you’re:

  • Building a structure that is over 120 square feet
  • Adding to an existing building
  • Installing or replacing an air conditioner
  • Demolishing
  • Installing, repairing, or replacing electrical work or plumbing
  • Replacing furnaces or water heaters

This isn’t a complete list. Contact the Building Division if you want to find out whether the work you’re planning to do needs a permit. You can apply for permits online through the Fullerton website. You can also download and fill out an application on that site. 

Building Inspections

When you’re ready to call an inspector to review your work, you can contact the Voice Permits system. Here you can schedule a time for an inspection, cancel it, and review the results. On the city’s website, you’ll find instructions on how to use the system. This includes information on what phone number to call and which numbers to press. 

Contractor Licenses

All contractors must register with the California Contractors State License Board. You can do so through the Department of Consumer Affairs. In total, there are 44 different license classifications. On the Contractors State License Board website, you can apply for a license. To apply, you need to have four years of experience in that field and pass the exam. 

Contractor Liability Coverage

California doesn’t require contractors to have general liability insurance. It’s a good idea to have it, though. It protects you in case you’re ever sued for damage you or your employees cause to property. 

To get your license in the state, however, you may need workers’ compensation insurance. You’ll need it if you hire residents out of California. This insurance will protect you and your employees in case of injury. 

When you apply for your contractor’s license, you’ll need to have proof of a workers’ compensation policy. This includes the policy’s start and end dates. 

Construction Equipment Rental in Fullerton, California

As you prepare for work in California, you’ll want to consider what equipment you need for the job. Will you need scissor lifts or boom lifts, for example? If so, you can rent this equipment and have it delivered to the worksite on the day you need it.

What about manlifts, forklifts, trenchers, or golf carts? You can rent them all, have them on days you need them, and then return them when you’re done. It’s a great solution if you need more equipment than you currently own. It’s also ideal if you need specialized equipment that you don’t have already. 

California has laws on what you need to build in the state, along with the city’s specific regulations. Follow them correctly to ensure a successful building project in Fullerton.

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