Equipment Rental in Moreno Valley, CA

About Construction Projects in Moreno Valley, CA

Just south of San Bernardino and east of Los Angeles, Moreno Valley started to boom in the 1980s and had been growing ever since. Now, it’s the second largest city in Riverside County. If you’re interested in working construction in Moreno Valley, here’s what you need to know.

Building Permits

According to the California Building Code, you need a permit to:

  • Construct
  • Enlarge
  • Alter
  • Repair
  • Move
  • Demolish
  • Change the occupancy of a building or structure

To apply for a building permit, download the easy-fill PDF from the city’s website. You can find it by clicking Services and then Permits from the Home page. Under “Process Overview” is a link to the application.

The Building and Safety department approves some permits over the counter on the same day. Complex projects need a Plan Check, which requires about 12 business days.


Once you receive your permit, you’re ready to start the work. As work progresses, you will need inspections. Your inspector will let you know what inspections you need and when you need them. Remember that you can’t cover up any of your work until the inspector inspects it.

There are two ways to schedule an inspection. The first is with an online form reached through the Inspections page on the city’s website. The second way is by calling the automated service line at 951-413-3380. You can also call this number to cancel an inspection and avoid the re-inspection fee.

Contractor Licensing

The Contractors State License Board deals with all contractor licenses. Active licenses expire every two years, and you need an active license to work in California. If you’re not sure about your license status, you can check it on the Contractors State License Board website.

To get licensed, you need to first have the needed experience. This includes four years of experience in the class that you are applying for. This experience needs to be at a journeyman or foreman level. If you have education credits, that can count for up to three of the four years, depending on the degree or program. On top of that, you need at least one year of practical experience.

With the proper experience, you can move on to taking the exam. The exam covers trade knowledge and business information. Once you pass the exam, complete the application for a license. You can get the application from the board’s website. Fill it out and follow the instructions to submit it.

Contractor Liability Insurance

In California, you’re not legally required to have liability insurance for your construction company. Still, it’s a wise choice to have it. Small businesses should haveĀ $500,000 and $1 million in coverage. Building companies like yours should get higher coverage, though.

The Right Construction Equipment for California

If this is your first time in California, you might find that different equipment works best. Maybe it’s because the area has different soil types than what you’re used to, requiring different aerial equipment like scissor lifts or manlifts. Maybe it’s just a job that needs specialized equipment, like specific types of forklifts or boom lifts. Whatever the reason, consider renting building equipment rather than buying. It will save you money, and you can typically get it within 24 hours of ordering.

Moreno Valley is a beautiful destination. There’s a lot of growth in California, providing lots of opportunity for work.

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