Construction Equipment Rental in Murrieta, CA

About Construction Projects in Murrieta, CA

Make sure you are aware of the laws that apply to building projects before working on any sites in Murrieta. In addition to laws for building permits, you also need to know about licenses and insurance requirements. Get an overview of building work in Murrieta below to better prepare yourself for working in the city.

Building Permits

Before getting to work on any potential building projects in Murrieta, you might first need a building permit. The majority of construction jobs need a building permit in the city. If you are unsure whether you need a permit for a project, call the Planning Department at 951-461-6061.

The hours for permit processing are Monday to Thursday 7.30 am to 4 pm and every second Friday from 7.30 am to 3 pm. The penalty for working on a site in Murrieta without a permit is $5,000 or losing your contractor’s license.

You also need your site to pass an inspection upon completion of any building work in the city. A Certificate of Occupancy gets issued if a site passes the inspection. Inspectors carry out checks to determine if the work you do complies with the city’s building codes. You can call the Inspection Request Line at 951-461-6050 to book an inspection.

Contractor Licenses

All building contractors in Murrieta need to have a California State License to work on building projects in the city valued at $500 or more for labor plus materials. To get a license, you need first to pass a Law and Business exam featuring a series of multiple-choice questions. You also need to show four years of experience working on building sites.

The fee to apply for a contractor’s license is $330, and you can apply by mailing a completed application form to the California State License Board. A contractor’s bond also needs to be in place before your license gets issued. The bond amount you need to file is $15,000.

Contractor Insurance Coverage

You must have workers’ compensation insurance if you plan to work as a contractor in Murrieta. No law in Murrieta requires contractors to have general liability coverage. The exception is when you enter into a contract with Riverside County, in which case you need $2 million combined limits general liability insurance or $1 million per occurrence.

Despite the lack of a minimum law for general liability coverage in all other contracts, it’s still a good idea to buy this insurance as a contractor. Liability coverage helps protect you if someone sues you for the work you do in the city.

Construction Equipment Rental

Renting is always a good choice when choosing the tools for your job. The advantages of renting include being able to choose project-specific tools. One job in Murrieta might need lots of forklifts and manlifts while another job might call for scissor lifts and boom lifts. Another benefit of renting is not having to store and maintain tools when you are not using them.

Abide by the above laws and consider renting equipment when working as a contractor in Murrieta.

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