Construction Equipment Rental in Palmdale, CA

About Construction Projects in Palmdale, CA

Building and remodeling projects usually require a permit in Palmdale, California. While some smaller jobs may not need permits, it’s always smart to check the city’s requirements before you begin. Easy online permits in Palmdale help you take care of all the paperwork from your computer so you can get to work faster. Find out what you need to get started, and plan well for a smooth construction project.

Building Permits

The city of Palmdale, California, works with Accela to issue building permits online. For simple construction permits, you will register with Building and Safety, then fill out an easy application on the city’s web page. If you’re applying for a complex permit, such as those that require a plan review, you must visit the Building and Safety Division in person. The office is open Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Building Inspections

Once you have gotten your permit, you can use the website to schedule the inspections you need, as well. You will need an inspection before you begin the project if you are changing a building from one type of use to another. For most projects, you will schedule your building inspection once the work is done.

Contractor Licenses

The Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board issues contractors licenses in California. You can get a license as a general engineering contractor, general building contractor, or specialty contractor. Specialty contractors work in many different areas, from glazing to fencing to signs. Anyone who performs work on a project of $500 or more must have a contractor’s license.
To get a license, you need at least four years of experience at a journey level or working as a supervisor, foreman, or contractor. You must pass two exams to get your license. This includes a law and business exam and a trade exam.

Contractor Liability Coverage

California contractors must have a $15,000 bond to become licensed. This helps protect their customers from poor work or legal violations. Commercial liability insurance isn’t required in California. However, to protect yourself from problems on the job, you should plan to carry at least bodily injury and personal injury insurance.

Construction Equipment Rental in Palmdale, California

You should always use the right equipment for the job. Whether you’re working on a small remodeling project or a major construction, it pays to invest in the best tools. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy major construction equipment to enjoy the benefits. Equipment rentals give you easy access to the lifts and land movers you may need at a more affordable price. Consider a rental for things like the following:
Renting what you need gives you short-term access to expensive equipment. This puts it at a price you can afford.

Prepare the right documents and permits before you begin so you’re covered through your whole project. Smart planning is always important with Palmdale construction jobs.

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