Construction Equipment Rental in Richmond, CA

About Construction Projects in Richmond, CA

Before you start a construction project in Richmond, California, make sure you know about the local rules and regulations. Contractors need to understand local licenses, insurance, permits, and inspections. When you follow the rules, you can get your work done smoothly and avoid delays.

Building Permits

Richmond, California requires permits for construction projects. A permit is required when you construct, enlarge, erect, alter, repair, demolish, or convert any structure. Some projects don’t require a permit, such as:

  • Building a shed, playhouse, or accessory structure smaller than 120 square feet
  • Painting, wallpapering, and finish work
  • Building a fence that is no more than 6 feet tall
  • Building a retaining wall that is no more than 4 feet tall

Permits help make sure that work gets done to code. Permit fees in Richmond, California vary depending on the kind of project you’re doing.

How long it takes to get a permit depends on the work. Some require review and approvals from different agencies like Fire, Health Departments, or Planning before the Building Department can review. You can get permits issued right away for:

  • Minor in-kind repairs from termite damage
  • Minor interior alterations that do not include structural work
  • Electrical, mechanical, or plumbing repairs
  • Re-roofing (just include a photo of the existing roof)

The building permit counter is open 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Call them at 510-620-6868 with any questions.

Building Inspections

The work you do in Richmond, California needs to be inspected. Inspectors make sure the work is done to code. Some projects will need to be inspected at different points during the job, so make sure you understand the inspection schedule. If you miss a required inspection, you could face fines and delays. Also, you could have to redo some of the work.

Contractor Liability Coverage

You do not need liability insurance to do construction work in Richmond, California since it is not required by the state. Liability insurance is a good idea, however, because it will protect you and your business.

As a contractor in Richmond, California, you need to have workers’ compensation insurance if you have employees. This requirement is waived if you are a contractor working alone without any employees. There is a bond requirement of $15,000. You can deposit $15,000 in cash instead of getting the bond. You can take care of this through the Contractors State License Board.

Construction Equipment Rental in Richmond, California

As a contractor in Richmond, California, you may need aerial equipment to do the job right. The right equipment can keep you safe and save you time on the job. You can rent the following kinds of aerial equipment:

When you are planning a construction job in Richmond, California, make sure you follow all the rules. You can avoid hassles like fines and delays by paying attention to the permits, licenses, insurance requirements, and inspections you need in Richmond. You can also avoid potential setbacks and delays from having to redo work.

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