Construction Equipment Rental in Riverside, CA

About Construction Projects in Riverside, CA

Every city has a list of rules contractors must follow when working on construction projects. You need to know these standards for projects done in Riverside, California.

Before you start your project, you must get permits, insurance, and licenses. It’s important to know when and where to get these papers. Find out what type of paperwork you need, no matter if you’re a general contractor, HVAC tech, or electrician.

Building Permits

The City of Riverside has a list of codes and regulations you must follow. These codes make sure the people and the property are safe. There are also federal, state, and local laws for construction projects.

You need a permit for all new construction as well as repair and replacement of fixtures. You also need a permit for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical additions or changes. Examples of projects that need permits include:

  • Adding a fireplace
  • Installing a pool
  • Moving interior walls
  • Repairing a foundation
  • Replacing a water heater

Only licensed contractors or property owners can get permits. The Building and Safety Division gives permits. Fees depend on the type and size of the project.

Once you get approved for your permit, you have 180 days to finish the project. If you make changes to your construction plans, you must get approval.

Building Inspections

During the construction process, you need several inspections. The inspections make sure the property follows codes and regulations set by the city and state. The permit has the types of inspections listed that you need.

For the inspection, have your approved plans ready for the inspector. You should also have your code book available. After the last inspection, the permit and plans remain archived by the City of Riverside. You also receive a Certificate of Occupancy.

Contractor Licenses

To make sure only trained contractors work on projects done in the city limits, the City of Riverside makes you have a license. California wants only licensed contractors to work on projects that cost $500 or more.

The State of California Contractor’s License Board (CSLB) gives contractor licenses. The CSLB also has trade licenses. You must renew your license every two years. It costs $400 to renew. Inactive licenses expire every four years. You must pay $200 to reactivate.

Riverside also asks contractors to get a business license. You must pay this fee annually.

Contractor Liability Coverage

To keep you and the property safe, the City of Riverside makes you carry insurance coverage or bonds. California makes you have a $12,500 individual bond and $15,000 contractors bond. You also need workers’ compensation to work in the state.

Construction Equipment Rental in Riverside, California

All contractors need the right equipment to get the job done right. There might be times when you need to rent gear. To reach high spots, you can rent aerial equipment, such as:

Never start a construction project in the City of Riverside without the right paperwork. If you don’t have these papers, you can face fines. Save yourself time and money and get the proper permits, insurance, inspections, and licenses before you break ground.

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