Equipment Rental in San Bernardino, CA

About Construction Projects in San Bernardino, CA

San Bernardino is located east of Los Angeles and is the seat of San Bernardino County. If you’re planning a construction job inside the city limits, there are a few things you’ll have to prepare for ahead of time.

Building Permits

You can apply for permits using the online Permit Manager. To gain access to the portal, you need to fill out a Personal Identification Number Registration Form. Then you can either fax or email it to the Building and Safety Division of the Community Development Department. Once you have access to the online portal, you can apply for permits.

Building Inspections

The Permit Manager online portal also provides inspection services. Here, you can schedule building inspections and find out inspection results. There’s also a phone number you can call to ask questions about the inspection process and get help. The phone number is 909-384-7272.

Contractor Licenses

As with all cities in California, contractors working in San Bernardino need to have license. To get licensed, you need to complete an application and submit it to the Contractors State License Board. The application process includes an exam with two sections. One tests your knowledge of law and business. The other tests you on information about your specific trade. Once the board approves your application, you can apply for permits in various California cities.

The Contractors State License Board provides an easy-fill application that you can complete online, making it easy to apply. You can also mail your application if that’s better for you. Just print the application, fill it out, and mail it in.

Contractor Liability Coverage

California does not require contractors to have general liability insurance, but it is recommended because of the protection it provides to both you and your clients. Though the state doesn’t require you to have it, you do have to disclose whether you have it to clients if you work on a residential property.

To work in California, the state requires all businesses to have worker’s compensation insurance, and you will need to provide proof of this when you apply for your license. There are exceptions, but those largely deal with sole proprietors who work on their own with no employees.

Construction Equipment Rental in San Bernardino, California

As you’re planning your job, you might want to consider whether you have all the large construction equipment that you need.

Though you might be able to make do with what aerial equipment you currently have, for example, if having another forklift or manlift would make the job easier, consider renting an extra. Or you might need a boom lift or scissor lift, but you don’t have one available. If so, renting one is a great way to have what you need without having to buy.

Follow the rules on getting your license and permits, and everything will go much smoother when the time comes to start your next construction job.

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