Construction Equipment Rental in San Jose, CA

About Construction Projects in San Jose, CA

Before working as a contractor in San Jose, make sure you know about all the laws that apply to building work in the city. Find out all about insurance, building permits, and more regulations you’ll need to know for your project in San Jose.

Building Permits

You need to get a building permit from the Building Division before you can start construction work in San Jose. In general, assume you need a permit for the work you want to carry out in the city. Only a few types of building jobs are exempt from permits, including:

  • Surface cosmetic projects that don’t alter a building’s structure
  • Minor repairs and replacements
  • Site improvements and small structures. For example, you don’t need a permit to build a fence under 7 feet tall

It’s a good idea to clarify if your building project needs a permit. You can call the San Jose Permit Center at 408-535-3555. A base fee of $160 per hour applies to the processing of permits. The final fee you pay for a permit depends on the scope of the work for each building project. You can apply for a limited number of permit types online.

Building Inspections

Inspections are an important part of the process of complying with building codes in San Jose. An inspector checks the site when you finish working on it. The inspector checks for compliance with building codes and the safety of the site. You need to book an inspection using a Customer Identification Number.

Depending on inspector workload, your inspection gets carried out within five business days of scheduling it. Inspections usually last between 30 minutes and two hours, and the cost is $206 per hour. If you need to cancel an inspection, you must cancel by 2 p.m. two business days before the inspection date. If you fail to cancel within that timeframe, you get charged the price for the estimated inspection hours.

Contractor Licenses

You need to have a license to work as a contractor anywhere in California. The state licensing board issues licenses to contractors who pass an exam. It costs $330 to take the exam. If you pass the required exam, you then pay $200 more for your license to be issued. You also need to pay a minimum business tax of $150 if you want to work on any building project in San Jose.

Contractor Insurance Requirements

To get a contractor license anywhere in the state, you need workers’ compensation insurance. The limit for workers’ compensation insurance is $1 million per accident. You also need general liability insurance of $1 million per occurrence.

Construction Equipment Rental in San Jose

It’s important to have the right tools for any building work you plan to do in San Jose. To save money, consider renting the gear you need. For example, you can rent equipment such as:

Consider hiring a dedicated contracting company if you either don’t understand the laws or you don’t have the right license. Renting equipment can save you money as a contractor.

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