Construction Equipment Rental in Stockton, CA

About Construction Projects in Stockton, CA

Stockton is a Californian city that has displayed a consistent amount of growth within the past few years. You can be part of its expansion if you become familiar with local building needs.

Building Permits

You’ll need a building permit before starting any new projects in Stockton. You’ll get your permit from the City of Stockton Building Division. This body issue permits for new construction and remodeling jobs. It also makes sure building projects meet building codes and regulations.

Download a building permit application from the City of Stockton website. Submit your completed form with:

  • Five sets of construction drawings (two signed by architect or engineer)
  • Two copies of truss layout and calculations signed by truss designer, if applicable
  • Two copies of engineering calculations, signed by architect or engineer)
  • Complete Air Pollution Control District Compliance form
  • Complete Hazardous Materials Disclosure form
  • Two copies of Flood Elevation Certificate, if applicable
  • Two copies of City of Stockton 200-Year Flood Elevation Certificate, if applicable
  • Complete Accessibility for Existing Buildings Compliance form, if applicable
  • Plan check deposit.

If you have a small building business, you may get your permit faster through the city’s Express Review Program. Tenant improvement permits are also fast-tracked for small building businesses on Commercial Wednesdays.

You can’t start building without a permit. You have 180 days after getting your permit to stop work. Your permit will expire if you stop work for 180 days. If this happens, you’ll need to reapply.

Necessary Building Licenses

You can’t work in Stockton without a building license from California’s Contractors State License Board (CSLB). This group protects locals by licensing and policing California’s building sector. Apply for a Class B (General Building) license in one of three ways:

  • Complete the form on the CSLB website
  • Print and complete a PDF form. Mail it to the CSLB
  • Ask the CSLB to mail your form. Complete it and mail it back

Finally, pass a law and business and a trade exam to get your California building license.

Insurance Coverage

You’ve taken time and effort to build your construction business. The right insurance helps you protect it. Liability insurance is vital for all local builders. If you employ other builders, you’ll also need a worker’s compensation policy. Property and business vehicle insurance are also popular policies among builders in Stockton. Discuss your typical projects with a broker to find the right policies for you.

Best Equipment to Use

Stockton has clay soil. This type of soil doesn’t drain well. However, since Stockton has a dry climate, this is rarely a problem for builders. Clay soil is better than the sandy soil found through most of the state for buildingĀ on. It’s firm and compact, so boom lifts and forklifts can stay stable. Since Stockton’s soil isn’t rocky, you need only standard manlifts and scissor lifts, not rough terrain ones.

Make sure you apply for the right permits and licenses. Get adequate insurance and the right hire equipment for local sites. Then your Stockton building projects are bound to succeed.

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