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About Construction Projects in Temecula, CA

Temecula has everything you could hope for. It has near perfect weather, a stunning wine valley, great schools, and a low crime rate. Many people are moving to this city to enjoy the good quality of life. This means more homes are being built. To build in Temecula, you need to understand California building laws and Temecula municipal codes. Here’s a breakdown of what’s required.

Plans and Building Permits

Before you can build or remodel a home, you need to get plans and permits approved. Follow these steps to get a permit:

  1. Check the zoning with the City of Temecula. The Planning Division will tell you if the land is zoned for the type of building you plan to do
  2. Next, the Public Works Department will check grading, public access, and right-of-way requirements for your project
  3. The Community Development Team will then assess the project for any special requirements. For example, if you need something like a septic tank
  4. Submit your building plans and pay the plan check fee
  5. Finally, apply to the Building and Safety Department for a building permit. If they require nothing else, you’ll receive your permit after paying the permit fee

The Licenses Required

To do building work in Temecula, you’ll need two licenses:

1. A California State Contractor’s License

To build in California, you need a state license. This applies to all contractors including engineering, general, and specialty contractors. The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) issues licenses. You’ll need to take an exam, be fingerprinted, and have an FBI background check done. To qualify, you need at least four years of journey-level experience.

2. A Business License

All businesses must apply for a business license with the City of Temecula. A $36 licensing fee applies when registering your business. Bring your state contractor license number along when applying as you will need this to complete the application form. Once you’ve successfully obtained a business license, keep in mind that you must renew it each year to avoid penalty fees.

Compulsory Insurance

California contractors must be insured. The following is a list of the types of insurance you’ll be expected to take out:

  • A $15,000 contractor bond or cash deposit
  • A $12,500 qualifying individual bond or cash deposit
  • A $100,000 surety bond for Limited Liability Companies
  • At least $1 million in liability insurance for five or fewer workers, plus another $100,000 for every other member over five, up to $5 million
  • Workers’ compensation insurance or an exemption certificate if you do not have staff

To get your state license, the CSLB needs proof of a bond and workers’ compensation insurance to grant a license.

Complying With California Energy Codes

California stays ahead of the game on energy efficiency standards. As a builder, you will need to comply with the state’s green building codes. These codes aim to cut energy and water use. This applies to HVAC systems, ductwork, water systems, insulation, lighting, and appliances.

Finding the Equipment, You Need

For small builders who don’t own building equipment, renting equipment is a smart choice. Equipment rental companies offer all types of machinery you’ll need to build in Temecula including boom lifts, manlifts, scissor lifts, and forklifts all for an affordable price.

There is a lot to keep in mind when starting a building project in California. The friendly staff at the City of Temecula will help you every step of the way so that your project flows smoothly.

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