Construction Equipment Rental in Torrance, CA

About Construction Projects in Torrance, CA

Torrance is located just south of Los Angeles near the state’s coastline in between Santa Monica and Long Beach. Within the city limits are a mile and a half of beaches. Torrance is also the founding location of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). Here’s what you need to know about permits, inspections, and more if you’re planning a construction job in this beautiful Californian city.

Building Permits

You can find a building permit application on the site to fill out for any job requiring a permit. Both residential and commercial jobs use the same application.

Building Inspections

To schedule an inspection, call the Voice Permits Line, which has an Interactive Voice Response system. You’ll need the permit number before you call, and you’ll need to know the three-digit inspection code for the type of inspection you need to schedule. You can use the same line to get the results of your inspection and cancel a scheduled inspection.

To find the Inspection Request Guide with three-digit codes, go to the Community Development office. You could also visit the site, where you’ll find a link to it on the Building Permits page.

Contractor Licenses

To work in the state of California as a building contractor, you must have a license issued by the Contractors State License Board. If you haven’t had a license in California within the last five years, you’ll need to take the appropriate test for the license you need. There are two sections to the test: a law and business section and a trade section.

Once you’ve completed the requirements for your application, you can fill out an Easy-Fill contractor application online and then print and mail it to the Contractors State License Board. You could also print out a blank form and mail it. Download a blank PDF from the board’s website, or use the license board’s website to request to have a hard copy if you don’t have a printer.

Contractor Liability Coverage

To get your license, you’ll need to have workers’ compensation insurance. The Contractors State License Board must be the certificate holder for the insurance. You need to submit proof of workers’ compensation insurance to the state board or submit an exemption.

In addition to compensation insurance, you should get Commercial General Liability Insurance. You are not required to carry it, but the board strongly recommends that you do to protect your company and your clients. If you do work on a residential home, the state requires you to disclose whether you carry Commercial General Liability Insurance. This is typically done in your initial bid.

Construction Equipment Rental in Torrance, California

As you get everything in place for your construction job, you may want to consider whether you have all the proper equipment for your job to be successful. While you probably own most of what you need, you may find that you need large equipment that you don’t own.

If this happens, consider renting such equipment. For example, if you need aerial equipment, such as forklifts, manlifts, boom lifts, or scissor lifts, you could rent them rather than purchasing, thus saving you money.

By ensuring you have everything in place, from building permits to the right equipment, you’ll be ready to start your construction job.

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