Construction Equipment Rental in Aurora, CO

About Construction Projects in Aurora, CO

Aurora, Colorado is in the middle of a construction boom. As new houses and other buildings join the city, there are many opportunities for local builders.

Building Permits

Contact the City of Aurora’s Permit Center to apply for a building permit. You can communicate with the center in the following ways:

You will need to submit the following with your building permit application:

  • Construction plans
  • Plan documents
  • Payment for permit fees

Building permit fees will differ depending on how complex your project is and what inspections it needs. The Permit Center may also ask for more documents, based on your building project.

If you have any questions about the building permit process or your application status, feel free to contact the Permit Center.

Building Licenses

Builders must hold a construction license from the City of Aurora to get a building permit. Only homeowners doing work on their homes are exempt.

The City of Aurora issues contractor and supervisor licenses. Submit the following items to get one of these licenses:

  • A completed application form for a contractor or supervisor license. You can download this form from the City of Aurora government website.
  • Payment details for SL and license fees
  • A notarized affidavit

The International Code Council must also certify you. Right-of-way contractors must have the following insurance policies:

  • General liability
  • Property damage
  • Irrevocable license and permit bond

Once the City of Aurora issues a building license, it adds the builder’s details to the online contractor look-up tool. This tool lets residents search for qualified contractors in the city.

You’ll receive a notice by email when it’s time to renew your license. Make sure the Building Division has your current email address on file. Otherwise, you might not receive your renewal notice. Also, make sure you set up your email account to accept emails from [email protected] Otherwise, your renewal notice might go to your junk mail folder.

You will complete the same form, for your renewal, you used for your new application. You can renew your license in person, by mail, or online.

Best Equipment to Use in Aurora, Colorado

Aurora is known for its hydro-compactable soil. Make sure you consider this fact when you’re choosing rental equipment. This type of soil is quite soft and loose. You will notice it displacing when you walk because it has less than 30 percent clay content.

Standard scissor lifts and manlifts should work fine on Aurora’s ground. However, the soft soil conditions mean you’ll need an elevated working platform on your boom lift. It’s also smart to choose a machine that has four-wheel drive or a crawler undercarriage. Forklifts should work fine unless you’re using them on a sloping plot of land.

Some plots of land in Aurora have different gradients and soil types. Look at the job site before renting equipment to make sure you’re selecting the right machines for the job.

Do your research before starting your new building project in Aurora, Colorado. With the right paperwork filed and rental equipment lined up, your project is sure to succeed.

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