Equipment Rental in Colorado Springs, CO

About Construction Projects in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is the county seat of El Paso County and is located about 60 miles south of Denver. It’s home to the United States Olympic Training Center and 24 Olympic sports headquarters, including figure skating, swimming, and volleyball. If you’re considering a construction job in Colorado Springs, here’s what you need to know.

Building Permits

You can complete all permit activity through the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department website. Creating a web account is free. All you need is your contractor ID number.

You can get a permit by going to the online portal, logging in, and clicking on “New Permit” under the “Permits” menu. If you want to know what the cost will be for permits, there’s a permits fee calculator on the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department website. 

Building Inspections

When you’re ready for an inspector to come out and check on a milestone for your permits, log in to the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department online portal to request an inspection. In this portal, you can see all the inspections you’ve scheduled and all completed inspections, and you find out approximately where the inspector currently is, so you have an idea of when your inspection will take place that day. 

If you need to cancel an inspection, you can do so as long as it’s before 8:30 a.m. on the day of the scheduled inspection. 

Contractor Licenses

To work as a contractor in Colorado Springs, whether a general contractor or a specialty contractor, you need to be licensed through the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. This requires filling out an application, passing an exam, and providing three professional references from people who worked with you in the capacity that you’re getting a license in.

You need to turn your application into the Contractor Licensing Office. You can turn it in via email, fax, or mail, but you must have it notarized if it’s not submitted in person. The Licensing Committee will review your application and decide to approve or deny it. You must have it turned in three weeks before the next meeting for the committee to review it at its next meeting. The committee meets on the third Wednesday of every month. 

Contractor Liability Coverage

All contractors must have liability coverage to perform construction jobs in Colorado Springs. The amount of the insurance depends on what type of contractor you are. The city also requires that any contractor who employs workers have workers’ compensation insurance. 

Construction Equipment Rental in Colorado Springs, Colorado

To help you get started on your job, consider renting larger machinery. For example, you could rent aerial equipment, like scissor lifts, boom lifts, manlifts, and forklifts, and have them delivered right to your work site.

If you’re planning on performing a construction job in Colorado Springs but don’t yet have your license, be sure to get it soon. It takes time to get it approved, and the job could be delayed until it is.

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