Construction Equipment Rental in Fort Collins, CO

About Construction Projects in Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is one of the four most populous cities in the state of Colorado. It has 161,000 residents and many more guests. It’s a college town that gets lots of visitors to Colorado State University. If you want to build here, you’ll need to get all the right permits, licenses, and insurance. Here’s a guide to construction in Fort Collins.

Building Permits in Fort Collins

To get a building permit, you must show two complete sets of plans for the build. If the project value is over $3,000, you must pay a plan review fee. These fees start at $25. You’ll pay for the building permit and other fees when you apply for it.

When you get a permit, it’s valid for 180 days. If you don’t begin the work during that time, you need a new permit.

The types of projects that require permits include new single-family homes, remodeling, HVAC, solar panels, wood-burning stoves, basements, detached garages, and decks.

Licenses in Fort Collins

You should consider using a contractor for your project and not try to figure out all the licenses and paperwork your company will need. You’re more likely to avoid costly fines or possible work shutdowns that way.  

General contractors must have licenses. People who apply for a license must pass an exam and send the right paperwork. The Fort Collins Building Services Department can help workers to learn the steps needed to get a license.

Often, licensed contractors work on several projects at once. These experts work in the city of Fort Collins and know the local laws. You can refer to them when you have questions about your build.

Building Inspections in Fort Collins

When you finish your project, you must get an inspection. Someone from the Fort Collins government will look at your work. They will make sure that you’ve followed all the rules for construction in the city. You must set up an inspection for building foundations, sewer work, gas line air tests, and many other builds. For a complete list, visit the official Fort Collins government website.

Rental Equipment

For most projects in Fort Collins, you’ll save money by renting aerial equipment. During your build, you’re likely to need boom lifts, scissor lifts, manlifts, and forklifts. Since these devices are expensive to move, you’ll save money by using ones already available in Fort Collins.

Insurance Coverage in Fort Collins

For every build, you should buy insurance coverage. Workers sometimes suffer falls off of aerial equipment. You’ll have to pay for medical bills and workers’ comp. You also need to protect against accidental property damage. Neighbors or people walking by the job site may suffer injuries, too.

You need insurance coverage for these possibilities. Fortunately, most insurers offer special plans for builders. You can buy coverage against all the potential problems above. You’ll pay more for your monthly premiums, but the extra cost will give you and your workers more confidence.

Building in Fort Collins comes with many challenges. You need the right permits and licenses. You also should get the proper coverage and rental equipment. As long as you do all these things, you’ll have a successful build.

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