Construction Equipment Rental in Pueblo, CO

About Construction Projects in Pueblo, CO

If you are considering working on a building site in Pueblo, Colorado, it helps to know about the laws that apply to the city. Below you’ll find out about the insurance requirements, rules for building permits, and other key relevant information in the city.

Building Permits

The first port of call for contractors planning on working on building sites in Pueblo is obtaining a building permit. You must get a building permit in Pueblo if you plan to build a new structure or change an existing building. Further specific rules about permits include:

  • You need a building permit for fences taller than 6 feet.
  • For sheds and storage buildings larger than 200 square feet, you also need a permit.
  • You need a building permit for roofing or re-roofing work in Pueblo.
  • You must get separate permits for electrical and plumbing work.

Contractors need to apply for a permit using a contractor building permit form. The fee you need to pay for a building permit depends on the projected cost of the project you plan to work on. Planning and Community Development can also assist you further.

Building Inspections

All contractors in Pueblo must have their work inspected upon completion of each building project they work on. Inspections help to check that the work you do satisfies the building codes that apply to the city. Licensed contractors need to use an online system to schedule inspections. Contractors get a copy of the inspection results emailed to them straight after the inspection is over.

The fee you pay for a building permit includes the cost of an inspection. If your inspection occurs outside of business hours, you must pay $82.69 per hour for the inspector’s time. Re-inspections cost $100.

Contractor Licenses

You must have a license to work as a contractor in Pueblo. If you don’t already have a contractor license, it costs $95 to apply for one. General building workers need five years of experience working on building projects to get a contractor license.

Contractor Insurance Laws

The rules state that to work on a building project as a contractor in Pueblo, you must have workers’ compensation insurance. The law also states that you must have general liability insurance for all building work. The following minimum policy limits apply to liability insurance.

  • $1,000,000 for each occurrence and total for personal injury including death and bodily harm.
  • $1,000,000 for each occurrence and total for property damage.

Don’t work on any building sites in Pueblo without having the right insurance.

Construction Equipment in Pueblo, Colorado

You can either buy or rent the equipment you need to work on building sites in Pueblo. Renting is a cheaper and more efficient option for contractors. Another key draw of renting is that you can choose only the gear you need for each job. For projects with a lot of aerial work, you can rent boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and man lifts, for example.

Make sure you understand these laws in Pueblo before working on any project. Get the right insurance for the job, make sure you have a license, and rent the equipment you need.

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