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About Construction Projects in Bridgeport, CT

The seaport city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, has a population of 144,229. That makes it one of the five most populous cities in New England. If you want to build here, you need to know the rules. Here’s a guide on the permits, licenses, and insurance you’ll need to build in Bridgeport.

Building Permits

Most construction projects will need a building permit. Bridgeport has this rule in place for the safety of its residents. You’ll need to show that you’re a reliable builder. You must also show that your project won’t prove dangerous to residents.

Since most large builds involve the use of lift equipment, you’ll need to show that your workers have the proper licenses and training for the top. Machinery such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, manlifts, and forklifts all come with their rules and regulations. The average person shouldn’t use any of this equipment. They should hire a professional instead. Bridgeport’s Building Official demands that you fill out a permit to prove you’re qualified to operate these types of machines.

Even homeowners need permits in many situations. Depending on the type of work you’re doing, you will probably need a permit before you start the construction. Examples of home remodeling that would require a permit are electrical work, plumbing, HVAC, swimming pools, fireplaces, and demolition.

When you complete your application, you’ll have to give the government information like names of your contractors and copies of their worker’s compensation coverage. You’ll also have to provide plot plans and drawings. Depending on the type of work you’re doing, there will be other rules that you need to research. Fees will depend on the kind of work being done as well.

Filing the Paperwork

Many applications and documents are available online at Bridgeport’s government website. You can fill out this data online, or you can bring it to the office.

Bridgeport encourages builders to visit in person when they need to deal with the Zoning Department (Room 210) or Engineering Department (Room 216). You can find these departments at 45 Lyon Terrace on the second floor. You can also call them at 203-576-7225. The Building Official at Bridgeport has final say on all decisions.  

Building Inspections

Once you’ve completed a project, a city official will inspect it. You must schedule this inspection, and you’ll pay for the service. The government worker will show up on that date and make sure that everything is safe. They won’t rule right then. Instead, you’ll check the Inspection Results page on the city website.

Insurance Coverage

Working with lift equipment comes with some risk. You need insurance to protect you and your workers. Falls can happen on lift devices. If someone falls, you’re responsible for your employee’s medical bills and workman’s comp.

Insurers offer plans for these situations. They’ll have special clauses that give you more insurance against falls. In exchange, you’ll pay a bit more on your premiums. You want this lift liability insurance.

Building in Bridgeport is exciting. The Seaport area has a lot of money-making potentials. Before you can break ground, all you need is to get the right permits, licenses, and insurance. Then, your company is ready to start.

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