Construction Equipment Rental in Stamford, CT

About Construction Projects in Stamford, CT

Construction is one of Stamford’s fastest growing sectors. You can take advantage of the city’s building boom by learning more about local permits, licenses, insurance, inspections, and equipment needs.

Building Permits

You’ll need a building permit for any new construction and additions, alterations, or repairs to existing buildings. The City of Stamford Building Department issues these permits.

Apply for your permit via the city’s online ViewPermit portal. You’ll receive an email confirming your application’s acceptance. It will tell you to visit the Government Center to get all relevant departments to sign off on your permit application. These may include:

  • Environmental Protection Board
  • Zoning
  • Health
  • Fire Marshal
  • Engineering
  • Water Pollution Control Authority

ViewPermit lists all sign-offs you need. Once you get them, upload pdf versions of the following to ViewPermit or email them to [email protected]:

  • Your ViewPermit receipt
  • A nonowner’s application affidavit
  • Worker’s comp affidavit
  • Certificates of insurance liability and workers compensation

Then schedule your permit appointment in one of these ways:

Give the following in your appointment request:

  • Permit application number
  • Your name
  • Property address
  • Email address

Bring the following to your appointment:

  • A credit card or blank check for payment
  • Two copies of design drawings or architectural plans. They should be sealed by an architecture or engineer if applicable
  • Any additional information requested (Check what you need when making your appointment.)

Necessary Building Licenses

Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection issues the state’s building licenses. Mail your complete application to the department’s License Services Division with the following:

  • Credit reference letter from supplier or subcontractor
  • Credit reference letter from financial institution
  • Three reference letters from people familiar with your work
  • Proof of general liability insurance
  • Certified copy of trade name certificate
  • Recent certificate of legal existence
  • Details of current projects
  • Details of projects completed in last five years
  • $500 check or money order to the Treasurer, State of Connecticut

Look out for renewal notices sent by mail and email. You can renew your license online or by mail.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance protects you from financial hardship caused by problems during a project. You’ll at least need general liability insurance and worker’s compensation if you employ other builders. Umbrella coverage can boost your limits and provide wider coverage. It’s a good idea if you have large-scale projects or pricey materials or tools.

Many insurance brokers will sit down with you to learn more about your needs. They can then put together a good insurance package bundling the policies you need.

Best Equipment to Use

Stamford has sandy loam soils with good drainage. So long as the soil isn’t loose, a boom lift or forklift will work fine on local lots. Stamford’s blocks of land tend to be smooth and flat. This means you can use standard manlifts and scissor lifts, rather than rough terrain ones.

With careful planning and research, you can make sure your building business thrives in Stamford.

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