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About Construction Projects in Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral, Florida (in Lee County), requires you to have building permits, licensing, insurance, and inspections. No matter what size your construction project is, you need to know what paperwork your project needs. Find out what the city requires from you, no matter if you’re an electrician, general contractor, or HVAC tech.

Building Permits

Cape Coral has many rules for construction projects. You need a permit for almost any improvement project. Before you start a project, you’ll have to get building permits. You need a permit if you add features to property, such as a fence, pool, or shed. Permits can also include replacing windows, changing air conditioners, and installing concrete slabs.

Search for the right type of permit for your project. Once you do, you can find the permit fees you need to pay. If the project’s value is at least $2,500, you need a Notice of Commencement. You then record this document with the Lee County Clerk of Courts.

Building Inspections

Before your project officially ends, schedule a building inspection. The inspection makes sure that the improvements keep the property and people on the property safe.

You can schedule your inspection with the city through an automated phone system or online portal. The inspection fee is no more than 4 percent of the cost of the improvements. Afterward, you can view the inspection result and comments online.

Contractor Licenses

The City of Cape Coral states that only trained contractors can do business in the city. That’s why all contractors must have valid licenses with the city and state.

Specialty contractor licenses cost $150 and are good for two years. If your license expires, you must pay $15 to reactivate it. The financial period runs from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30, and licenses are prorated. Specialty contractors include some of the following areas:

  • Asphalt coating and sealing
  • Cabinet and mill work installation
  • Carpentry
  • Masonry
  • Plastering
  • Sign installation and electrical

Contractors who work or manage their business in Cape Coral must have a Business Tax Receipt (BTR). The Code Compliance Division issues the BTR. These forms are available each July 1, and payment is due by Sept. 30. Contractors also need a County Business Tax Receipt (CBTR). They can get the CBTR at the Lee County Tax Collector’s Office.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Along with licensing, the City of Cape Coral wants contractors to have liability coverage or bonds. In case an accident takes place, these policies cover the contractor and the property.

In Cape Coral, liability insurance coverage for one person is $50,000 and $100,000 for two or more people. You also need property damage coverage for $5,000. All air conditioning, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, roofing, and swimming pool-spa contractors must have a $25,000 bond.

Construction Equipment Rental in Cape Coral, Florida

Contractors working in Cape Coral may need to rent the following aerial gear for their projects:

If you’re a contractor and plan to work in Cape Coral, Florida, make sure you get the proper documents before starting on projects. Get the permits, insurance, licenses, and inspections so that you won’t worry about disobeying any city laws and paying fines.

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