Construction Equipment Rental in Coral Springs, FL

About Construction Projects in Coral Springs, FL

If you do construction work in Coral Springs, Florida, you have to follow certain rules. The City of Coral Springs issues permits for certain types of jobs. Some larger renovation jobs require permits. A permit is always needed for new construction of homes and commercial buildings.

Licenses and Building Permits

The first thing you have to do is submit an application for a building permit. The City of Coral Springs asks that you turn in two copies of the form. You will fill out the same form for new construction, demolition, repairs, and upgrades. The form has spaces for information about the property owner, contractor, engineer, and mortgage lender of the house or office. 

You also need to turn in sealed building plans from the engineer or architect for work over $5,000 (residential) or $10,000 (commercial) in value. Certain projects need survey or site information that shows the location. You might also need approval from the water district or DERD.

Other work that needs a permit includes signs, fences, tree removal commercial property, and new roofing on all buildings. Major improvements or upgrades on the structure, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, or fire systems also need permits.

Building Inspections

You must also have an inspector review the job site during the construction process. An inspector must check out the plumbing, electrical, structure, and fire protection. After you finish the work, the inspector will return to look at the finished project. If they approve, you will receive the certificate of occupancy. Call to schedule an inspection with the right department. You will need to schedule your appointment by 3:30 p.m. for the inspector to come the next day.

Contractor Licenses

To work in Coral Springs, a contractor must have a license from the State of Florida. Getting a contractor license often requires passing a written test. A contractor must also show proof of insurance for workers’ compensation and general liability. The last requirement is a copy of the contractor’s driver’s license.

Contractor Liability Coverage

A general contractor must carry a minimum amount of insurance coverage. Without enough coverage, you can’t get a Florida state contractor’s license. The minimum amounts are $50,000 for property damage and $300,000 for bodily injury.

Construction Equipment Rental in Coral Springs, Florida 

If you don’t have the equipment you need to handle your construction projects, think about renting. Heavy equipment is extremely expensive, and purchasing it could easily put a financial strain on your business. There are many factors to consider, but you can often save a lot of money by renting instead of buying.

Rental makes good sense when you don’t anticipate needing a particular machine often, which can be the case with aerial equipment like manlifts, boom lifts, forklifts, and scissor lifts. By renting, you won’t have to spend money on transporting the equipment to the work site or on maintenance and repairs. Renting also gives you a chance to test equipment before you buy. 

You should never take on a construction job in Cape Coral without obtaining the proper permits and obey all regulations. If you find this process overwhelming, as many do, you can avoid the hassle altogether by hiring professionals to do the job.


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