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About Construction Projects in Hialeah, FL

Hialeah, Florida, has set its own rules for building projects. Whether you’re building a new construction or power washing, you need to make sure you’re properly certified. Permits, licenses, insurance, and inspections are a vital part of the process. Make sure you understand the city’s laws before you begin any repair or upgrade work in Hialeah.

Building Permits

You need a permit in Hialeah for most building projects. This includes work to improve, renovate, or repair a building.

Some projects don’t require permits. For instance, you don’t need a permit to do the following in Hialeah:

  • Replace kitchen cabinets
  • Install flooring
  • Install aesthetic pools and ponds smaller than 250 square feet and 2,250 gallons in volume
  • Paint
  • Do cosmetic metalwork
  • Dig certain types of swales or drainage areas
  • Resurface parking lots
  • Repair or install gutters
  • Installing window air conditioners
  • Add screening to an existing patio or balcony
  • Install chain-link fencing
  • Replace a dishwasher, water heater, or garbage disposal
  • Repair or replace faucets
  • Repair or install a toilet or bidet

You can do certain small projects without a permit if a licensed contractor is doing the work. A residential building or roofing work valued at $1,000 or less can be done without a permit in Hialeah.

Building Inspections

Your project will be inspected to make sure it is up to code. You may need multiple inspections for a large project. An inspector will have to sign off on your project at different points during the process. Remember to get your work inspected before you cover up any areas that need to be checked.

Hialeah enforces its codes strictly because of hurricane building standards. After Hurricane Andrew ravaged the area in 1992, Miami-Dade County updated building codes to make houses safer.

Contractor Licenses

You’ll need a contractor license for jobs in Hialeah. Miami-Dade County is in charge of licensing. The licensing process ensures that work is done by skilled experts who know the building codes. Hialeah often finds itself in the path of hurricanes, and building codes keep people safe.

Miami-Dade County issues over 100 kinds of contractor licenses in several main classes:

  • Maintenance
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Building
  • Building specialties (includes awnings, demolition, drywall, glazing, painting, roofing, and more)

The Construction Trades Qualifying Board oversees licensing in Miami-Dade County. This includes Hialeah, Florida. You need to renew your license every two years. To renew your license, you must complete 16 hours of continuing education credits.

Contractor Liability Coverage

Contractors in Hialeah must carry workers compensation and general liability insurance. You need proof of both to get your license.

Construction Equipment Rental in Hialeah, Florida

As a contractor, you want the right tools for the job. You can rent aerial equipment to work on projects, including the following:

It makes sense to leave building projects in Hialeah, Florida, to an expert. That way, you won’t have to worry about licensing, permits, inspections, and insurance. The contractor will take care of these details.¬†Hiring a licensed contractor also ensures that the work is done to code.

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