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About Construction Projects in Hollywood, FL

Contractors know that every state sets its own rules for building projects. In many cases, the city makes precise rules for building permits, licenses, and insurance requirements. Contractors need these before starting a project. You should always contact the local officials where you’re building before you begin.

The Building Division of Florida

In Hollywood, Florida, the Building Division enforces the Florida Building Code and city and state regulations. They promote safe building standards and practices. Plans, reviews, and inspections go through them as well. They also offer online access to check permits and fees and submit a payment.

All contractors need to have an updated Contractor’s Record Management Form on file. You must sign this form and get it notarized. Submit it and a copy of your driver’s license, occupational license or business tax receipt, state certification or registrations, and a Broward County Certificate of Competency. You also need to send insurance certificates with the City of Hollywood shown as the certificate holder.

How to Get a License

The Construction Industry Licensing Board gives licenses to contractors and manages construction. The board is also in charge of enforcing building rules and standards. Florida offers two major types of contractor’s licenses: the registration and the certification.

Once you get a local or city license, you must apply for an initial registration license with the state. This only allows you to build in that one city or local area. If you want to work in all of the State of Florida, you must finish the Florida contractor’s license exam. Then, you need to ask for a certification. Any general contractor must have the registration before building.

To get a certification, submit the certification test, a record of financial stability, and proof of your experience. You need at least four years of field experience, with at least one as a supervisor, before you’re even looked at for this level. Although, you can have three years of undergrad study instead of the supervising experience. Plus, you’ll need a criminal background check. You’ll also need surety bonds for $300,000 liability and $5,000 property damage. You must have active workers’ compensation coverage, too.

Find the Right Insurance Coverage

Construction liability insurance is key. You need to protect your business from property damage and injury claims. You need to make sure all your assets have coverage on the policy, including equipment. Many contractors rent heavy equipment like boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts, and manlifts. Even if you don’t own the equipment, any damage to it is still your responsibility. A good equipment insurance policy keeps you from having to make out-of-pocket repairs if you damage it.

Liability coverage in Florida must cover injury claims separate from workers’ comp, property damage coverage from worker’s failure to use equipment property, and product coverage for anything installed by your company. Only use insurance companies with a B rating or higher.

No matter where you build, contractors must follow all the rules and regulations set up by the state and city. It’s best for you to get proper insurance coverage in case of any loss. Make sure you’re set before starting any construction project, even a small one.

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