Construction Equipment Rental in Palm Bay, FL

About Construction Projects in Palm Bay, FL

Every city and state have its requirements for construction and remodeling permits. In Palm Bay, you need a permit for nearly every type of work. From driveways to HVAC systems, the right paperwork is important. If you’re planning a project in Palm Bay, do your research before you begin.

Smart preparation saves you time and money. Repeat inspections are costly. Draft proper plans and get the right permit before you begin the job.

Building Permits

You need a building permit for most construction, repair, and alteration projects in Palm Bay. This includes installing, changing, or repairing plumbing, electrical, gas, or mechanical systems. If you’re planning any building project, you should research the permit requirements.

You can apply for building permits and check your permit’s status online. The BASS system makes it easy to manage permits from your computer. The system is available 24/7.

Fees vary by permit. A tree site work permit can be as low as $20, while a driveway permit is almost $200. You also have fees for plan checks, building inspections, and re-inspections.

Building Inspections

  • Must have your project inspected when it’s finished. The inspector makes sure everything meets building codes and zoning laws.
  • Schedule your inspection online or by phone by 4 p.m. for a visit the next day.
  • You must have your approved plans available on the job site. You must also post your permit within 10 feet of the street.

Contractor Licenses

All contractors in Palm Bay must have state certification or registration. A certified license lets you work anywhere in Florida. A registered license covers a limited area in Florida. You must pass a knowledge-based exam for either license. Only licensed contractors are allowed to complete building and remodeling projects. Printed ads for contractors must include their license numbers.

Contractor Liability Coverage

The state of Florida does not require contractor liability coverage. However, you should plan to carry basic insurance. A good commercial liability policy covers bodily injury and property damage. If you’re running a business, commercial liability insurance is important, too. Look for a plan with between $500,000 and $1 million in coverage.

Construction Equipment Rental in Palm Bay, Florida

Having the right equipment for your job is important. Construction equipment is expensive both to purchase and store. However, you can make things easier with a rental. If you need something you don’t own, look into renting. You can rent many types of major construction equipment including the following:

When you rent these items, you save a great deal. You can rent what you need one job at a time. The right tools are important for professional contractors.

Check your paperwork carefully before you begin work on a Palm Bay, Florida, project. Get your permits in line first, then tackle your project. Follow the rules carefully for a successful job.

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