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About Construction Projects in Pensacola, FL

Home of the Blue Angels flight team and the University of West Florida, Pensacola is the westernmost city in Florida. Because of the various beaches and water surrounding the city, Pensacola is a popular destination for people to visit. You can take advantage of this attraction by starting your next project in Pensacola. Just like any other city, there are a few rules you have to follow when building. These rules include the requirement to get all the proper permits, inspections, licenses, and insurance. You need to be familiar with all the necessary steps to building here. Take a look at our guide to construction in Pensacola.

Building Permits

Before you can break ground in Pensacola, you need to get a building permit. Permits are required for most construction projects. When applying for your permit, there are a few things that you have to submit with your application. You need to fill out all of the basic information like the job address, the property owner, and what type of construction you are doing. In addition to that, however, you must provide plans for the proposed construction and information regarding the contractor.

You will also need other permits for certain parts of the project such as electrical, fire protection, gas, mechanical, and plumbing. Make sure you have all of the proper permits that your project requires.

There will be a permit fee based on the valuation of the project. It is important that you pay the correct fee for your job. Bigger projects will have higher permit fees than smaller projects.

Building Inspections

Another important part of the building process is the inspection. Building inspections ensure the safety and integrity of the final product. Make sure you contact the city Inspection Services department before you begin building.

Pensacola is located in Escambia County where you have to be licensed to perform contracting work. The Escambia County Contractor Competency Board and the Escambia County Board of Electrical Examiners take care of registration and licensing for contractors.

There are few requirements for becoming a licensed contractor in Pensacola. For example, you have to take an examination to prove your qualifications. You also need to fill out an application and pay the corresponding application fee. It is important to be certified in Escambia County because there may be consequences if you perform contracting work without the right certifications.

Construction Equipment in Pensacola, Florida

Construction varies based on location, but equipment often stays the same. Most contractors will need to rent equipment for their jobs. BigRentz offers many kinds of equipment that will help with all of your construction needs. Take a look at our selection and contact us today.

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