Equipment Rental in West Palm Beach, FL

About Construction Projects in West Palm Beach, FL

Do you want to start a project in West Palm Beach, Florida? It’s a popular city within the Miami metropolitan area¬†with more than 100,000 residents. It also gets plenty of tourist traffic. To work in the city, you need to know a few rules, though. Here are a few facts about building in West Palm Beach.

Building Permits

You need a permit to work on any major project in West Palm Beach. You must fill out a permit application at Development Services. The city requests two sets of blueprints for each project. It also has several different forms available. You must choose the one that fits your project. Otherwise, the city will reject the permit request.

You will pay a permit fee. The cost of this fee depends on the size of the build. The minimum fee is $75. After that amount, you will pay a percentage of the project estimate. The permit could cost $1,000 or more for huge projects. The city will charge less than $500 for builds, though.


Your contractors will need licenses to work in the city of West Palm Beach. They also must register with Construction Services. The process to register has several steps. The workers must fill out applications and provide documents that prove contractor skills.

The paperwork is available at the official city website. The city automatically rejects any incomplete application. Any business that works in the city must also have a business tax receipt. Since the city has so many rules, you should think about hiring a local contractor. This person will already have the needed license, saving you time and money.

Building Inspection

You must schedule an inspection to finish your project. The city’s Inspection Information System can take care of your needs. You will call 561-805-6700 to set up the inspection. Note that you cannot call this number from a cellphone. You are calling an automated system that will schedule appointments and give results. You might never speak to a real person before the actual inspection.

Rental Equipment

You’ll need heavy machinery for any major project. Devices like forklifts, scissor lifts, manlifts, and boom lifts make life easier for construction workers. They’re not easy to move from project to project, though. You should rent this equipment instead.


When you use heavy machinery, accidents happen on rare occasions. As a project manager, you need to prepare for the worst. You want liability insurance to protect you and other people.

Insurance will cover you in the event of property damage. It will also cover your neighbors if you cause damage to them or their property. Finally, it will protect your workers from any injuries they may suffer on the job.

Your insurance plan should make sure that you pay for any medical bills for your worker. It should also cover any money they lose from missed work days. It will also include disability if the person can’t return to the job. You can add all of this coverage to your regular insurance plan. You’ll pay a slightly higher premium, though.

Building in West Palm Beach is a smart choice. You just have to know and obey the laws and rules listed here.

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