Construction Equipment Rental in Columbus, GA

About Construction Projects in Columbus, GA

Cities across the United States have their rules for construction work. One of these rules in Columbus, Georgia, is getting building permits. The city also has inspectors to make sure that work is safe and follows building codes. These rules help city employees keep track of work happening in the city limits. General contractors usually handle the permits for their projects.

Licenses and Building Permits

All permits in Columbus go through Building Inspections and Code Enforcement. Employees look at state construction codes when looking at plans. Plans must meet these codes to get permits. The United Development Ordinance talks about the land use in Columbus. City leaders will look at this ordinance to approve a permit request. Contractors need permits for:

  • New construction on houses and commercial buildings
  • Demolition
  • Electrical work
  • Gas pipes
  • Mechanical work
  • Signs
  • Plumbing work

The new construction fee is $75 if your project is $26,000 or less. The fee adds $2.50 for every $1,000 up to $30,000. The permit fee on projects over $30,000 is $85. It will go up by $4 for each additional thousand dollars. The fee to review plans is at least $75. The demolition permit fee is $50. The Certificate of Occupancy fee is $30. Fees for gas, electrical, and plumbing permits are $50 per meter or project. Submitting an appeal to the zoning board has a $200 fee.

Contractors also need permits for some renovation jobs. If the work includes a major system, it will probably need a permit. Making a house larger can also need a permit from Columbus.

Building Inspections

All major construction projects that need permits also need inspections. Schedule inspections before starting concrete work. You also need plan approval before starting any work. When the job is done, you need a final inspection. Re-inspections cost $50 for every inspection. Emergency inspections cost $50 for the first hour and $30 for each hour after that. If your building passes the inspection, you will get a certificate of occupancy.

Contractor Licenses

All contractors must hold licenses to work in Columbus. Georgia has six license options:

  • Asbestos removal
  • General contractor
  • Electrician
  • A/C contractor
  • Plumber
  • Utility contractor

The State Construction Industry Licensing Board in Macon gives out licenses in the state. Contractors can get more information from the board about each license.

Contractor Liability Coverage

To get contractor’s license from Georgia, you must have insurance. The license requires proof of at least $300,000 in coverage. The insurance protects the property and your workers in case there is an accident.

Construction Equipment Rental in Columbus, Georgia

With the right permits and approval on the planned project, you can start on the other tasks. This includes planning the schedule and hiring workers. If you don’t have the right equipment, check out rental options in Columbus. Aerial equipment can help your staff work on higher buildings and take on additional work. Options available for rent include scissor lifts, forklifts, boom lifts, and manlifts.

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