Construction Equipment Rental in Sandy Springs, GA

About Construction Projects in Sandy Springs, GA

Find out below everything you need to know about working on a building project in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Before working, it’s important to become aware of the laws that apply in the city with regards to building permits, insurance, and licensing.

Building Permits

You need a building permit for any projects involving the construction, alteration, enlargement, repair, or demolition of a building or structure in Sandy Springs. You don’t need to get a building permit if the work involves aesthetic improvements like painting or carpeting.

Small projects take five days at most to get approved for a permit. Often the project gets approved on the same day if the building plan is in order. Larger projects usually get permit approval within ten days if the plan is in order. A $25 permit fee applies to all building projects in Sandy Springs. You will also need to pay other fees that depend on the cost of the job.

Building Inspections

You need to book an inspection upon completion of any building work in Sandy Springs. The goal of an inspection is to ensure compliance with the city’s building codes. The city has an online portal for contractors to schedule inspections. Inspections cost $75 outside of normal business hours. Should your site need a re-inspection after the first inspection, each re-inspection costs $50.

Contractor Licenses

You need a license to work as a contractor for building projects in Georgia if the value of the project exceeds $2,500. Electricians must have an electrical contractor license, for example. You need to pass an exam to get an electrical contractor license. Also, you must have four years of experience in electrical work to take the exam.

The application fee for an electrical contractor license is $30 and taking the exam costs $133. The fees are similar for other types of building contractors in Georgia. You must also have a business license for construction projects in Sandy Springs.

Contractor Insurance Requirements

Contractors must have insurance to work on building projects anywhere in Georgia. There are no specific insurance requirements in Sandy Springs. You must have general liability coverage of $500,000 per occurrence to get a contractor license in the state.

If you have three or more employees, then you need to have workers’ compensation insurance by law. Only work as a contractor in the city if you have the right insurance.

Construction Equipment Rental in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Contractors should consider renting the tools they need to get the job done. By renting equipment, you get to use only the tools they need for each job. For example, on a job that includes a lot of aerial work, you can rent:

Only work as a contractor in Sandy Springs if you understand the laws that apply to building work in the city. Rent the tools you need for each project to save money.

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