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About Construction Projects in Valdosta, GA

Situated on the Florida Georgia line, Valdosta is the home of Valdosta State University and an annual Azalea festival. Building in Valdosta can be a great investment. However, before you build, make sure you know which permits, inspections, licenses, and insurance you need for your job. You might also need to rent the equipment that you don’t already own. Take a look at our guide for construction in Valdosta and our selection of construction equipment that you can rent.

Building Permits

Building permits are an important part of construction projects. They prove that everything was done to code and assures buyers of a minimum standard. In Valdosta, you need a permit for any construction, enlarging, alteration, repair, movement, demolition, or change in occupancy of a building or structure. Some examples of projects that need a permit are signs, pools, towers, homes, industrialized buildings, foundations, and patios. You will also need a permit for work on electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing systems.

Permit costs are based on the valuation of the project, and a Building Valuation Data Table can be found on the cities website.

To get your Residential New Construction, Accessory or Addition Permit there are a few things that you need. The list is not incredibly long, but it does include the following:

  • Zoning approval letter
  • Septic tank approval
  • Homeowner affidavit
  • Business License
  • Contractor Registration
  • Authorized agent form
  • Square footage

Other types of permits will have different requirements such as mobile homes because that is a different type of construction.

Building Inspections

The building permit is not the last step in the approval process. You still need to have your building inspected by one of the city inspectors. There are a few requirements that you need to meet during your inspection. You have to meet the requirements of covered work, erosion control, and property lines. These inspections make sure all work is done by licensed contractors and that the building is up to code. There is a list of inspectors on the city website. Contact the inspector that fits with your project.

Contractor License

One of the most important parts of building in Valdosta is obtaining a current state contractor license. You cannot do construction work without an updated license. You must also register as a contractor with the City of Valdosta Business License Office.

When you register with the City of Valdosta, you need to have a copy of your Contractors State License Card and a copy of your Business License for the jurisdiction you are working in.

Construction Equipment in Valdosta, Georgia

It can be very dangerous to work without the proper equipment. If you don’t own the proper equipment for your job, try renting with BigRentz. We offer quality equipment at a reasonable price. Take a look at our selection and give us a call today.

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