Construction Equipment Rental in Aurora, IL

About Construction Projects in Aurora, IL

Through programs like the Seize the Future Development Foundation, Aurora, Illinois, aims to go from strength to strength. New building projects are a vital part of the city’s growth. To make sure your project goes smoothly, think about these details when it comes to your paperwork and equipment rentals in Aurora.

Building Permits

Aurora requires building permits for all new construction in the city. You can find application forms for residential and commercial building permits on the City of Aurora website.

Applicants should submit the correct form and all extra materials, which are listed on your forms, to the City of Aurora’s Division of Building & Permits. This building is located at 65 Water Street in downtown.

Building Licenses

All builders working in Aurora do need a building license before starting work. You can download the application form from the City of Aurora website. Complete and submit the application form along with these other needed items:

  • A license and permit bond of $20,000. This bond needs to be valid for one year.
  • A certificate of insurance.
  • An application fee. New applications cost $200. Renewals cost $100.

The application form has different sections for the following types of workers:

  • General contractors
  • HVAC, commercial electric, and residential electrical work
  • Roofing and fire suppression contractors
  • Contractors working in the public right of way

Make sure you complete the relevant section of the form. Otherwise, you may not get the right building license. Electrical and mechanical contractors must also pass tests set by the International Code Council. If you have already passed International Code Council tests, you may meet the criteria for reciprocity.

You should submit your building license application to the City of Aurora Division of Building and Permits, Department of Development Services.

If you have any questions about building licenses or the application process, call the Department of Development Services at 630-256-3130. You can also send a fax at 630-256-3139.

Best Equipment to Use in Aurora, Illinois

Aurora is a fairly flat suburb of Chicago. This type of landscape makes projects easy for builders who are renting their construction equipment. You don’t need to rent rough terrain scissor lifts and manlifts because standard scissor lifts and manlifts will work on most local plots of land just fine. You won’t need to rent extra equipment for your boom lifts, either. Forklifts are also likely to work well in Aurora, as most plots have flat, even ground.

Visit the work site before you start your building project. Seeing the terrain in person will help you decide what equipment you should rent in the end. While most plots of land in Aurora are flat and level, there are some exceptions. Some areas have limestone underground. These building sites may require rough terrain machines. After it rains, your workers may also require different equipment that’s better for wet weather. Look up the location’s soil conditions to make sure you’re renting the right equipment.

With the correct paperwork and equipment in place, your next building project in Aurora will surely be a success.

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